Germany’s Deep State Is Located In Washington, NOT Berlin

Europeans are suffering vastly higher costs now for energy — the foundation of ANY nation’s economy — and do so because of the primary and secondary sanctions that America’s Government demanded, and that Europe’s Governments copy and comply with, which sanctions strangle what had previously been, by far, the cheapest and the most-abundant energy-sources for Europeans, which had been pipelined-into Europe from Russia. Furthermore: on 26 September 2022, the two biggest pipelines to bring energy into Europe, Nord Stream 1 and 2, both were brazenly blown up — pretty much dooming Europe. At 12:41 EDT, on 29 October 2022, the Daily Mail headlined “Liz Truss’s personal phone that was hacked by Kremlin agents was so compromised it was locked away in a ‘secure location’ as experts fear top secret negotiations and private messages may have been leaked”. The Daily Mail reported there that “The hack was discovered during the summer’s Tory leadership campaign, when Ms Truss was Foreign Secretary, but the details were suppressed by Boris Johnson, who was Prime Minister at the time, and the Cabinet Secretary, Simon Case”; so: her phone definitely WAS hacked, which adds credibility to the professional hacker Kim Dotcom’s allegation published independently in a tweet at “11:11 AM · Oct 30, 2022”: “@trussliz [UK’s Foreign Minister] used her iPhone to send a message to @SecBlinken [U.S.’s SecState] saying ‘It’s done’ a minute after the pipeline [they didn’t yet know that it was both of them] blew up and before anybody else knew.” Kim Dotcom might have been the hacker of Truss’a phone, but he refused to say whether he was. Russia’s Government had said immediately on September 26th that the blowing-up of their two pipelines was “sabotage” and that they were determined to find out who did it. U.S.-and-allied public officials and ‘news’-media (including the Daily Mail in that October 29th headline) however, consistently alleged immediately on September 27th and thereafter (and without alleging ANY evidence — not even unsourced evidence) that this sabotage of Europe’s energy-supplies had been done by the main owner of those pipelines, which was Russia. Whomever destroyed those pipelines caused billions of dollars of damage to Russia, and maybe even more damage than that to Europe. But it causes huge benefits for American energy-producers, to replace Europe’s forgone energy-supplies from Russia. The likeliest hypothesis (if Kim Dotcom didn’t post that tweet in response only to the Daily Mail’s news-report of the prior day) is that President Biden (perhaps through his SecState Blinken) had gotten Boris Johnson (perhaps through his ForSec Truss) to order the blow-ups. Certainly, Germany, a co-owner of those pipelines, has been stunningly (if not shockingly) unconcerned about investigating the matter.

germanyGermany is being deindustrialized despite (not because of) what Germany’s industrialists and investors want; and this is because the billionaires who want this are in the imperial country, America, whose billionaires control the U.S. Government, and they are benefitting enormously from the doubling of oil exports, and from the fact that “The U.S. has the recoverable resources necessary to single-handedly double the global LNG market,”  and also from the soaring exodus of Germany’s manufacturing into America, which exodus to America is being subsidized, financed, by all U.S, taxpayers. This is one of the final stages of their empire’s exploitation of its vassal nations. These are some of the many ways in which America’s super-rich, its aristcracy, are devouring now even the head, the aristocracy, of the given vassal-nation (in this case, Germany). And not only do all Germans suffer from it, but the vast majority of Americans also do, because the only results for us are higher inflation — and we can’t eat the weapons that the U.S. Government is sending to Ukraine in order to carry out “regime-change in Moscow.” It’s all being done for America’s billionaires.

History is full of examples of imperial nations that first worked with the aristocracies of their vassal-nations but then increasingly devoured and ultimately destroyed even their cooperating vassal-aristocracies — and even their own nation’s public. In fact, it’s normal in the final stage of all empires. This is an act of desperation by and on behalf of America’s billionaires who are grasping at their last opportunity to continue, for a while longer, their imperial collective enterprise, before it fades forever into history’s dustbin.

On December 11th, Alex Christaforou and Alexander Mercouris of The Duran (two remarkably insightful commentators on international relations) headlined their 24-minute video-discussion, “German coup targets political opposition. Merkel’s disastrous legacy”, and interpreted the alleged recent coup-attempt in Germany as being instead “the German Government is trying to find ways to take out Die Linke and AdF” which are the only two German Parties that DON’T back the German Government’s strong support for the U.S. Government’s efforts to defeat Russia’s Government in the battlefields of Ukraine. Both of the discussants acknowledged that it’s a proxy-war between U.S. and Russia, which uses Ukrainian and other U.S.-armed-and-trained soldiers there in order to score a win for U.S. and a defeat for Russia — aiming to produce in Russia the overthrow of its Government: yet another (and the biggest-ever) U.S. vassal-nation. However, at 10:43 in their discussion is the question, from Christaforou, “Does that [asserted coup-attempt] signal some sort of U.S. Deep State involvement in shaping the media-narrative for this story?” and possibly that “someone in the United States is involved in driving the whole thing?” That question, however, is a wrong or even misleading one to raise, because it pretends that Germany’s Government ISN’T actually a vassal of America’s Government — which it unquestionably IS. Germany’s Government won’t do what America’s Government won’t ALLOW it to do. Any political Party in Germany that raises any serious QUESTION about Germany’s slavish adherence to America’s foreign policies (as Die Linke and AfD do) will be marginalized, on behalf of, and as an expression of, the U.S. Government’s control over Germany’s foreign policies. The two discussants there are using such phrases as (from Mercouris, at 1:25) “This is going to be leveraged and used by the German ruling elite to clamp down on society. I think that’s the one outcome that’s going to be a definite.” But that “ruling elite” is actually headquartered in Washington DC, not in Berlin Germany. Consequently, too, Christaforou’s wondering whether there has been “some sort of U.S. Deep State involvement in shaping the media-narrative for this story” is like asking whether Germany is in Europe.

The most important thing to know about Germany and any other Government that is a vassal in the U.S. empire is that it IS a vassal in the U.S. empire. A vassal-nation in (or “colony” of) an imperial power (which in today’s world MEANS ONLY America — since that is the only remaining empire) does NOT have sovereignty. Instead, that nation’s foreign policies can be, and are, ONLY what that imperial power allows, and NOTHING ELSE. This is DEFINITELY the case with today’s Germany.

So, when, at 10:43 in the discussion, Christaforou wondered “Does that signal some sort of U.S. Deep State involvement in shaping the media narrative for the story? I don’t know.” Mercouris replied, “I don’t know, either.” But, realistically, how could it even POSSIBLY not be the case? Would that not necessarily imply that Germany DOES possess sovereignty over Germany?

Maybe Germany’s leaders will do a 180-degree reversal and kick out all the U.S. military bases that are there and quit the anti-Russia military alliance, America’s NATO; but, unless and until that happens, Germany will remain a U.S. vassal-nation.

If this isn’t the time for Germany’s leaders to negotiate with Russia, when will be?

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