Biden Said Privately On Nov. 4th, The JCPOA Is ‘Dead’

The JCPOA is commonly called the Iran nuclear deal.

Damon Maghsoudi, an expatriate Iranian Sr. Software Engineer at Google in Irvine, California, filmed Joe Biden at a California “election event” on 4 November 2022 right before the mid-term election, shaking hands with supporters, and having this conversation with one of them:

President Biden, would you please announcer that JCPOA is dead? Can you just announce that?


No, why not?

A lot of reasons. It is dead but we’re not going to announce it. Long story. But we’re going to make sure —

We just don’t want any deals with the mullahs. No deals! They don’t represent us, they’re not our government.

Oh, I know they don’t represent you. But they’ll have a nuclear weapon that they’ll represent.

To parse that:

Biden had, on 30 July 2019, promised Democrats (and any anti-Trump Republicans) when running for the White House,

Question: Would you rejoin the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA)? What changes to the existing agreement, if any, would you require before agreeing to rejoin the accord?

Answer: Iran is a destabilizing actor in the Middle East; it must never be allowed to develop a nuclear weapon. President Trump abandoned the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) — a deal that blocked Iran’s paths to nuclear weapons, as repeatedly verified by international inspectors — with no viable plan to produce a better one. His reckless actions have produced a deep crisis in transatlantic relations and pushed China and Russia closer to Iran. As a result, the United States, rather than Iran, has been isolated. Predictably, Iran has restarted its nuclear program and become more aggressive, moving the region closer to another disastrous war. In short, Trump’s decisions have left us much worse off. …

If Iran moves back into compliance with its nuclear obligations, I would re-enter the JCPOA as a starting point to work alongside our allies in Europe and other world powers to extend the deal’s nuclear constraints.

Biden on JCPOA
U.S. President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid sign a joint declaration affirming the “unbreakable bonds” between the two countries and a U.S. commitment to protecting Israeli security, in Jerusalem, July 14, 2022

His answer to the question that had been asked, in other words, was “No.” However, since he knew how stupid most voters are, he knew that they didn’t know this and couldn’t reason-out what he was saying — he knew that because the U.S. was the only party to the JCPOA that cancelled it, the U.S. would need to reverse Trump’s cancellation of it without making any added demands upon Iran (beyond what the JCPOA itself had done), and that America would possess no right to demand anything additional of Iran in order to offer to restore the JCPOA. He knew that stupid voters, who constitute the vast majority of voters anywhere, start with the false assumption that their own country has every right in the world — a ridiculous assumption. This, for example, was how George W. Bush had fooled the American public to give him a 90% job-approval rating right after he invaded and destroyed Iraq on 20 March 2003 on the basis of 100% lies.

So: any intelligent voter, when seeing that response on 30 July 2019, knew that Biden’s policy toward Iran was exactly the same as Trump’s was. Biden signaled there to intelligent voters that he was at least as much of a neoconservative as was Trump and even more so than Obama (whose only positive achievement as President had been the JCPOA) had been. Billionaires are intelligent enough to understand what he was doing there, but most people aren’t. He was signaling to the super-rich controlling owners of America’s MIC (Military-Industrial Complex) that he would be at least as good for them as Trump had been. And he knew that any voter who was so stupid as not to recognize that the ONLY answer that would mean Biden would reverse what Trump had done would have been “Yes to the first question, and None — no condition at all — to the second question” would be deceived by the answer that he did give, which is exactly what Biden wanted because he was running AGAINST Trump and needed the votes of EVERONE who DIDN’T want Trump to win: he needed the votes of the Democratic Party faithful, and they overwhelmingly BACKED Obama’s JCPOA (the only ANTI-neocon thing that Obama did during his entire Presidency).

Consequently: when Biden was running for President, he was at least as much of a neocon as was Trump but wanted Democratic voters to think that he wasn’t and would therefore unconditionally restore the JCPOA (which he refused to do).

Biden’s statement on 4 November 2022, “A lot of reasons. It is dead but we’re not going to announce it. Long story.” meant what I have just now explained: that Biden needs to keep with him at least as many stupid Democrats as whomever the Republican Party’s nominee will get the votes of stupid Republicans, so that Biden will win the next election. It’s a lying-contest.

If, to the contrary, on 4 November 2022, Biden were to have answered simply “Yes to the first question, and None — no condition at all — to the second question,” then he would only have hurt himself, by antagonizing the people who run the Democratic Party, who own corporations such as Lockheed Martin and ExxonMobil and Google. He didn’t know who was asking these questions of him at that fundraiser, and he wasn’t about to take unnecessary chances.

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