Day: January 23, 2023

Europe Has Enemies Within, Enemies Without

The internal balances of the European Union are significantly transforming as a consequence of the US’ proxy war with Russia in Ukraine. The countries that are close neighbours of the conflict zone — countries of Eastern Europe and the Baltic States — have a greater sense of involvement in the […]

How Evil Are The West’s Leaders?

They are NOT democrats, but are instead the worst sort of liars, who are endangering the entire world. This is referring to the leaders of the U.S. and of its allied countries — they say that they are “democrats,” in order to claim a ‘justification’ to continue and expand NATO […]

Ukrainian refugees in Europe

When Good Refugees Turn Bad

When the first Russian forces began entering Ukrainian territory in February 2022, the instant reaction from Europe, the UK, Canada and Australia, was one of open commitment to Ukraine’s refugees.  The relentless human trains heading westwards were initially embraced by Poles, whose history with Ukraine is, at best, tense and […]