The CIA Revives Ukrainian Nazism

In the 19th century, the German and Austro-Hungarian Empires planned to destroy their rival, the Russian Empire. To this end, the German and Austro-Hungarian foreign ministries launched a joint secret operation: the creation of the League of Allogenic Peoples of Russia (Liga der Fremdvölker Rußlands – LFR) [1].

In 1943, the Third Reich created the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN) to break up the Soviet Union. At the end of the Second World War, the United Kingdom and the United States took back the Nazis and their collaborators and maintained the ABN [2]. However, in view of the millions of deaths it had caused, Frank Wisner, the CIA’s Number 2, rewrote its history. He printed a number of booklets claiming that the ABN had been created at the Liberation. He claimed that the peoples of Central Europe and the Baltic had all, collectively, fought against both the Nazis and the Soviets. This is an enormous lie. In reality, many Central European political parties sided with the Nazis against the Soviets, forming SS divisions and providing almost all the guards for Nazi extermination camps.

Independent Ukraine
Proclamation of independent Ukraine with Nazi dignitaries. Behind the speakers, the three portraits displayed are those of Stepan Bandera, Adolf Hitler and Yevhen Konovalets.

John Loftus, Special Prosecutor for the Office of Special Investigations, a unit of the U.S. Department of Justice, testified that in 1980 he found a small town in New Jersey, South River, to be home to a colony of former Byelorussian SS. At the entrance to the town, a war memorial, adorned with SS symbols, celebrated their fallen comrades, while a separate cemetery housed the grave of Belarusian Nazi Prime Minister Radoslav Ostrovski [3].

It is often believed that the United States fought the Nazis and tried them at Nuremberg and Tokyo. But this is not true. If President Roosevelt was a staunch liberal, he thought it possible to recruit traitors and put them to work for him. However, as he died before the end of the conflict, the criminals he surrounded himself with rose to the highest offices. They hijacked certain administrations to further their aims. This is what happened with the CIA.

The efforts of Congress with the Church Commission, which revealed the CIA’s crimes in the 50s and 60s, were to no avail. The whole opaque world went back underground, but did not cease its activities.

The Ukrainian “integral nationalists” of Dmytro Dontsov and his henchmen Stepan Bandera and Yaroslav Stetsko followed this path. The former, who was already a secret agent for Kaiser Wilhelm II and later for Führer Adolf Hitler, was picked up by the CIA, lived in Canada and died in 1973 in South River, New Jersey, contrary to his Wikipedia entry. He was one of the Reich’s worst mass criminals. He disappeared from the Ukraine during the war and became administrator of the Reinard Heydrich Institute in Prague. He was one of the architects of the Final Solution of the Gypsy and Jewish question [4].

His henchmen, Stepan Bandera and Yaroslav Stetsko, were hired by the CIA in Munich. They provided Ukrainian-language broadcasts for Radio Free Europe and organized sabotage operations in the Soviet Union. Stepan Bandera had perpetrated numerous massacres and proclaimed Ukrainian independence with the Nazis. However, he too had disappeared from Ukraine during the war. He claimed to have been imprisoned in “honourable captivity” in an extermination camp. This is unlikely, since he resurfaced in 1944 and was entrusted by the Reich to govern the Ukraine and fight the Soviets. It is possible that he lived at the camp administration headquarters in Oranienburg-Sachsenhausen, where he worked on the Nazi project to exterminate the “races” that were supposed to corrupt the Aryans. During the Cold War, he roamed the “free world” and came to Canada to propose to Dmytro Dontsov that he become the head of his organization [5].

Kai-Shek and Stetsko
Chiang Kai-Shek and Yaroslav Stetsko at the founding of the Anti-Communist World League.

Time passed, these mass criminals died without ever having been held to account. Their organizations, the OUN and ABN, should also have disappeared. They did not. The OUN was reconstituted during the war in Ukraine. So has the ABN. It now has a website. Here you can read post-war propaganda booklets claiming that the organization never existed before the fall of the Reich. The ABN continues today with the “Free Nations PostRussia Forum”, to be held on September 26-27-28 in London, Paris and possibly Strasbourg. Its aim remains the same: to break up the Russian Federation into 41 separate states. There can be no doubt as to the origins of this forum: while it claims to speak for the peoples of Russia, it not only accuses Moscow, but also attacks the People’s Republic of China, North Korea and Iran. Its documents also touch on Venezuela, Belarus and Syria. However, the ABN participated in the creation and animation of the World Anti-Communist League [6], where most of the world’s dictators met, now elegantly named the World League for Freedom and Democracy.

This Post-Russia Forum of Free Nations was created by the CIA in response to Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine. In a year and a half, it has already met 7 times, in Poland, the Czech Republic, the USA, Sweden and the European and Japanese Parliaments. At the same time, the CIA has created governments-in-exile for Belarus and Tatarstan, just as it did for Iraq and Syria. No one has yet recognized them, but the European Union has already received them with deference. These governments-in-exile are in addition to the long-standing government-in-exile in Itchkeria (Chechnya).

The Post-Russian Forum of Free Nations intends to dismantle the Russian Federation into 41 independent states.

The current system is not designed to achieve its stated aim. The United States has no intention of breaking up the Russian Federation, a nuclear power. Most of their leaders are aware that such an event would completely destabilize international relations and could trigger a Nuclear War. No, it’s more a question of mobilizing people in the service of the United States who hope to achieve the improbable goal of dissecting Russia.

A number of political personalities play this game. Such is the case of the former Polish Foreign Minister, Anna Fotyga. In 2016, she presented the European Parliament with a resolution on the European Union’s strategic communications. She had devised a system for influencing all the Union’s major media outlets, which proved effective. Or a French centrist MP, Frederick Petit. Back in 2014, his party’s poster boys (François Bayrou and Mireille de Sarnez) went to Kiev’s Maïdan Square to be photographed alongside the “integral nationalists”. I won’t even mention former Russian MP Ilya Ponomarev.

Delegates sing the Ukrainian national anthem during the first congress of the new political party National Corps, created from the members of Azov civil corps and veterans of Azov regiment in Kiev on October 14, 2016

Think-tanks too, like the Jamestown Foundation. It was founded with the help of CIA director William J. Casey, on the occasion of a high-profile defector from the USSR. It was banned in Russia in 2020 (i.e., before the war in Ukraine), because it was already printing material on the break-up of Russia. Finally, the Hudson Institute is funded by Taiwan through its agency, the World League for Freedom and Democracy (formerly the World Anti-Communist League). This enabled it to host a session of the Post-Russia Forum of Free Nations.

Source: Voltaire Network

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