The Ethical Lesson From World War Two

The moral message to be learned from World War II and the Holocaust was “Never Again!” whose meaning isn’t only never again to allow perpetration of ethnic cleansing or genocide or whatever term or phrase is applied to warfare that is targeted against a civilian population of Jews (such as were targeted by Hitler’s Nazi Party and by the cooperating bigots in other European Christian-majority countries), but instead the ethical message was actually never again to allow perpetration of ethnic cleansing or genocide or whatever term or phrase is applied to warfare that is targeted against a civilian population of ANY ethnicity — including Tutsis in Rwanda, Muslims and Sikhs in India, Blacks in America, Armenians in Turkey, or etc. — any at all, anywhere at all, against any ethnicity at all. That was its actual ethical lesson to be learned. It didn’t really pertain to an ethnicity; it pertained instead to an ethic.

However, that message has obviously NOT been learned but instead was warped by other types of racist-fascists than Hitler’s specific type (the Nazi Party type), and this warping was done in order for OTHER (i.e., non-German) nations to be able to PRETEND to be not racist-fascists — not ideological nazis. The result of this holier-than-thou racist-fascism (or ideological nazism, of any type) was to allow other TYPES of nazism than Hitler’s type to exist in any nation that has a different type of bigotry from what Germany and its supporters had practiced in the 1930s and 40s.

This hypocritical ‘anti-nazism’, which was actually ONLY anti-Nazism (against that political Party, what had been the German-and-allied form or specific target of their specific type of racist fascism), left the world with no REAL moral message from WW II and its Holocaust, because it allowed OTHER TYPES of nazism to exist and to take over, in other countries, such as against Tutsis in Rwanda, and against Palestinians in Israel. 

ANY ethnicity can be bigoted, but different ethnicities might (and often do) have different target-groups for their genocidal tendencies. In Germany, Jews were targeted; but in Israel (as current events make amply clear), Arabs (non-Jewish descendants of what for at least thousands of years had been almost the entire population there) are.

Nowadays, it is clear that Israel is a nazi country and that the U.S. and its allies who support Israel’s nazism even this far into Israel’s genocide to exterminate the Gazans — to eliminate them and steal their land — has thus far been tolerated by the international community so shamefully as to make blatantly clear that the ONLY message that has been learned from WW II’s “NEVER AGAIN!” is the hypocritical one (the nazi-tolerant if not pro-nazi one) — NOT the real one (which doesn’t discriminate between genocides and prohibit ONLY what had been Hitler’s type) and which instead prohibits, and will not allow, ANY type.

A memorial at Dachau Concentration Camp

So: it is clear, by now, that all of the nations that still are supporting Israel are, like Israel itself so clearly now is (but actually has been since 1948), themselves likewise nazi nations. 

It isn’t Jews that are today’s nazis, but instead Israel and any nation or individual which supports it that is nazi. In America, most of those people are Christians (just like most of Hitler’s nazis, the Nazi political Party, were; they were NOT Muslims); but, in Israel, most of those people are Jews. By this time, perhaps the majority of the decent Jews have already relocated elsewhere so as to disassociate themselves from that nazi nation. The solution to the fake ‘Jewish problem’ isn’t the essentially nazi one of a “Jewish nation” which legislates bigotry against non-Jews — no more than would it be a solution to the fake ‘Palestinian problem’ for an “Islamic nation” to be created which legislates bigotry against non-Muslims. Of course, nazis cannot understand this. But, in fact, an anti-Semite isn’t against Israel, but instead is against Jews. This is so even if the vast majority of Israel’s nazis are Jews. There is nothing wrong with their being Jews (just as there is nothing wrong with a person’s being a Muslim or a Christian or an American or a Russian, or etc.), but there is everything wrong with their being Israelis, because the ethnic cleansing of Arabs from Palestine started in 1948 when the Jewish apartheid nation of Israel began, when the anti-Palestinian Holocaust (called “Nakba”) began there, at the very founding of Israel, by Jewish nazis — the people who actually created Israel. What they did was evil not because they were Jews but because they were nazis. So: despite what today’s nazi nations allege, the October 7th Hamas attack against Israelis didn’t START a war; it responded to the war, and the aggression, which nazi Jews had started by creating their nazi nation against Palestinians, in 1948 and continuing this nazi nation ever since. 

Of course, Israel and its allies lie to say that being anti-Israel is being anti-Jewish (“anti-Semitic”), and that therefore any opponent of Israel is anti-Semitic; but that’s just yet more nazi propaganda, not a truthful allegation, at all. It is intended only to deceive. Judaism is a religion, not a nationality, just like Christianity is a religion, not a nationality — and NO nation should be tolerated whose laws are founded upon ANY sort of racism (such as is the case in Israel — and which fact Israel now amply displays to the entire world).

The time has come for the world to learn the actual moral message from WW II and the Holocaust. It wasn’t an ethnically specific message; it was far deeper than that: it was an ethically specific message: the need to ban, and to enforce the ban, against warfare that targets civilians of ANY ethnicity. Any at all.

The ethical lesson from WW II is that genocide is evil, and that its practitioners — and especially its leaders and its propagandists — must be ostracized and severely punished in order to set the proper moral example to the world.

It’s high time, now, for the world to learn the ethical lesson from WW II. Because, until this is done, Hitler’s ghost can still smile in the satisfaction that, though he had lost that war, his more fundamental belief, in racist fascism itself, has emerged to be victorious in its aftermath. This is truly the spiritual war; and, apparently, Hitler has won it — certainly he did in Israel (and in the nations which support it). However, only the people who live today can decide whether to accept or instead reject and defeat Hitler’s spiritual victory. That is what now is at stake in Gaza.

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