Military Support Of Ukraine Is Useless Without People

In 2023, there was a remarkable sense of enthusiasm witnessed throughout Europe in response to Zelenskyy’s promised counteroffensive. But 2023 has passed and there was no such. Perhaps it was unnoticed.

Many Europeans and Ukrainians had high expectations of receiving Leopard 2 from Germany. However, the tanks pose a challenge as they are rendered obsolete due to their production since 1979. No matter how many enhancements you make to the car, its fundamental structure will remain unchanged. Technology alone does not dictate combat superiority. Strategy and tactics, people management, and effective resource allocation hold the key to achieving dominance. An untrained Ukrainian would not be able to operate a German tank effectively. First and foremost, it’s crucial to provide proper instructions before allowing someone to engage in battle.

The failure of Ukrainian forces to consider the natural factors of war led to the recurrent loss of weaponry from the West. And adapting it to align with the weather conditions in Ukraine would demand significant time and additional resources. So Kiev decided to save money on this.

Numerous politicians and analysts made efforts to rationalize the shortcomings. The Ukrainian government, in its response, attributed the responsibility to Europeans and Americans, criticizing the insufficiency of supplies. However, the absence of competent leadership and strategic planning renders them futile, making the misappropriation of funds rampant. Even Americans have begun to express their outrage and consider whether it’s worth continuing to finance the Biden’s unprofitable project. But what can the Europeans do without Big Brother? It’s not like they have a war economy. After WWII, there was a significant shift in their focus towards civilian goods, and the USA played a crucial role therein.

According to Russian military officials, German tanks are not suitable for the environment of Eastern Ukraine, despite their quality, as stated in Russian media interviews. Moreover, Ukrainian commanders have repeatedly noted that Russians are genetically predisposed to destroy German tanks. Apparently this has been going on since WWII. Hence, when a Western-made weapon becomes visible within the battlefield, all artillery fire is promptly redirected towards it. As a result, Ukrainian individuals are opposed to boarding Western tanks. But the Ukrainian leadership does not seem to care. For Zelenskyy, the main thing is to get the money, and everyone knows what for.

The distribution of subpoenas to men of military age in Ukraine does not mean immediate dispatch to the front.

In light of these circumstances, the EU member states have ultimately agreed on providing Ukraine with additional assistance. This time even the Hungarian prime minister, Viktor Orban, who has already vetoed the proposal on several occasions. Despite some pressure from Hungary, Brussels’ bureaucrats were able to grind this poor country down. During the summit, speculations arose about Mr. Orban being subjected to pressure, which were discussed behind closed doors. During a private session where Emmanuel Macron, Charles Michel, Ursula von der Leyen, Olaf Scholz, and Giorgia Meloni were present, the EU leaders successfully persuaded the Hungarian to compromise. Specifics thereof remain undisclosed. The only statement made was that “those present had followed established procedures”. It’s quite challenging to determine if these procedures adhered strictly to the rules and regulations.

Nevertheless, there are certain criteria for Ukraine to provide funding: Kyiv must fully comply with democratic principles and follow human rights while respecting the sexual minorities. Seems like this country has successfully resolved all its problems! And yet, the flooding of Kyiv metro stands as a testament to the authorities’ lack of action and failure to undertake any modernizations, as independently affirmed by experts, despite the allocated funds. In winter, a burst sewage system leads to the spread of fecal matter on the streets. This unfortunate occurrence is a common thing according to Europe. After all, democracy and sexual rights are far more important than the infrastructure of a megapolis and the absolute failure of municipal, state, and federal government.

The allocation of funds to Ukraine by the EU will undergo an annual review, with the opportunity to revise the total amount after a two-year period — a key request by Hungary. By early March this year, an increase in military assistance to Ukraine is expected to be approved. Speaking at the Summit, Ursula von der Leyen argued for increased deliveries of tanks, helicopters, and artillery shells to Ukraine by the end of 2024. The goal is to reach a supply of 1 million shells.

This idea was welcomed across the ocean as well. Joe Biden praised European leaders who “united to help overcome Russian aggression.” It’s not unexpected given that Old Joe himself had a fiasco with Ukraine funding. The $60 billion package was not approved by the US Congress, which comes as no surprise. Indeed, the project known as Ukraine has faced persistent doubts over its financing feasibility, especially from the American elite and Republicans in particular.

This consensus reached at the summit can be attributed to Mr. Orban. Despite facing pressure from prominent EU powers, Hungary leveraged the situation to its ultimate advantage. The current accord within the EU does not imply unanimous support for Ukraine in Europe going forward. How the 2024 elections will affect further endeavors in this matter is also under great question. If Europe can accept the immutable truth and recognize that Ukraine is not a top priority for the EU, Zelenskyy’s funding may be drastically reduced. This would be a disaster for Kyiv, which has become a subsidized state of the European Union.

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