Tucker Carlson: The Only Representative Of Independent Western Media Or Donald Trump’s Secret Envoy?

One of the most burning topics of recent days is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s interview with American TV commentator Tucker Carlson. Perhaps it is no coincidence that this particular man was chosen: a conservative, a Republican and one of the closest associates of the former US President Donald Trump. He graduated from Trinity College, Connecticut, in 1992 with a bachelor’s degree in history. Perhaps that is why so much of the interview was devoted specifically to the history of the formation of the state called “Ukraine” and its history of relations with Russia.

Who but a person with a degree in history, who has felt the pressure that the American media can exert on a person who speaks his or her own mind against the mainstream, can bring to an American audience a view that differs from that propagated by the West? Who can show a different point of view? That is Tucker Carlson, the first Western journalist to interview the Russian President since the start of the special military operation in Ukraine on 24 February 2022.

Despite repeated attempts of Western politicians to discredit the work carried out by Mr. Carlson, one cannot but admit that the work done was fundamental. And Vladimir Putin was thoroughly prepared for the opportunity presented to him by the former Fox News host. But despite the considerable resonance, only one Western publication came out the next day with a cover story on the event: The Guardian. The rest of the major, especially American, print and online publications chose to ignore it.

But it was an extraordinary event. It could have been used to produce a lot of good material and make good sales. No one is saying that one should be like Tucker Carlson, but why not just cover this extraordinary event and put it on the front page? But for some reason no such action was taken.

CarlsonThe question arises: if the leading Western media, as they position themselves, are truly open and democratic, how did they miss such an incredible occasion? Or are they not such after all? It’s hard to believe that The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Daily Telegraph, The Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Economist and a lot of other publications missed this event. Or was there an order from above to do so? It is highly likely.

It was not for nothing that Vladimir Putin said in an interview with Tucker Carlson that the US runs the media all over the world and it is impossible and stupid to compete with them in this sphere. The reaction of the leading Western media to Vladimir Putin’s interview is the clearest indicator that the Russian President was right on this issue as well.

As for Tucker Carlson, we should give him credit. Considering how much the atmosphere around Russia and Ukraine has been stirred up by the Western media, the man was not afraid to come to a country that has been associated by Europeans and Americans as an aggressor country for the past several years. He was not afraid to fulfill his duty as a journalist – to show an independent view of the events that have led to today’s unprecedented split between Russia and the bloc of Western countries.

But could there be something more behind this visit? Tucker Carlson is now a private citizen, responsible for his actions only to himself, and perhaps also to the law. But his actions are not bound by any official regulations. A number of experts prophesize a high position for him in the future administration of Donald Trump in case the latter wins the presidential election this year.

What if Tucker Carlson came to Moscow to outline the position that Donald Trump will take on the issue of Ukraine if he wins? This is quite possible, given the fact that Donald Trump probably has no direct channels of communication with the Russian leadership at the moment, and his chances of retaking the Oval Office are quite high.

As for the reaction of the Western leadership to the events in the Kremlin, the words spoken by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz during his meeting with US President Joe Biden are most vivid: “There is a very clear cause, that is the desire of the president of Russia to annex part of Ukraine. And all the stories that are told about it do not change the fact that that is exactly the purpose of his imperialist efforts”. The incumbent US President fully supported his colleague. Outside observers still have the impression that either both politicians do not want to recognize the existence of any version of events in Ukraine other than their own, or they simply have not watched the interview yet.

But what is most pleasing is the fact that despite all the twists of fate and pressure from the official authorities of Great Britain, Germany, and the USA, the aspiration of the representative of independent journalism to present a completely new point of view to the American audience took the upper hand. And, in the author’s opinion, it does not matter at all whether Mr. Carlson was a secret envoy of Donald Trump or not. That is something we will never know. What matters to us is what we have now, at this moment. And we have the following: Americans, the West, the whole world have been presented with an alternative vision of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. Now people have the right to choose. They can form their own point of view based on the facts that the Russian President has presented. After all, is freedom of choice what the West is known for? Now, through the efforts of Tucker Carlson, people have that freedom.

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