Day: March 21, 2024


The World’s 9 Biggest Economies

These are the figures from the World Bank, which doesn’t rank anything because that might embarrass the U.S. regime and encourage questioning how it can justify its having 900 foreign military bases and justify its claim to being “the one indispensable nation” and that all other nations — including ones […]


Washington, London And Tel Aviv Entangled In Palestine

Following Washington’s intervention, Israel stopped massacring Gazans in order to ethnically cleanse Palestine and expand its settlements. Israel has also agreed to allow humanitarian aid to pass through to the civilians it has trapped. However, nothing has been resolved by both Benjamin Netanyahu’s revisionist Zionists and Ismail Haniyeh’s Hamas. These two groups, which claim to defend Jews and Arabs respectively, are in fact pursuing the British colonial project, formulated in 1915 by Lord Spencer, of a region incapable of defending itself. Since 1948, the only solution, which has always been postponed, is that of a single bi-national state, as set out in UN Resolution 181.