U.S. Government Bullies Weak Nations

Pondering a World Without Us.

Weak nations have long been terrified at the power that the U.S. regime has to destroy them such as has happened most recently with the CIA’s and U.S. military’s efforts ever since 2012 to grab control over Syria’s Government, and such as what the U.S. regime did to Iraq in 2003 and in its ever-continuing military occupation there (all on the basis of lies), and such as it did to Libya, and to so many other weak nations.

All weak nations have been waiting decades for a day to come when they could finally tell American occupying troops in the 900 military bases that the U.S. Government has installed abroad (in addition to the 749 domestically inside the U.S. — an armed camp) to leave their country — to get out. Now that this day increasingly appears to have arrived, both because of Russia’s increasingly likely victory against the U.S. stooge regime in Ukraine that the U.S. Government installed there in February 2014, a larger and larger number of weak countries are doing just that, and are telling the U.S. Government to withdraw its troops from their territory.

One of the reasons why the U.S. Government is becoming increasingly isolated in votes at the U.N. General Assembly is that Russia is winning its war against NATO. Russia’s much-delayed invasion of Ukraine in order to reverse the February 2014 U.S. coup against Ukraine that had forced Ukraine to install an anti-Russia government so as for Ukraine to become a member of America’s anti-Russia military alliance NATO and accept the placement on its territory of a U.S. nuclear missile that would destroy the Kremlin — only 317 miles (5 minutes of flying-time) away from Ukraine, and thus beheading Russia’s central command much too fast for Russia to be able to launch Russia’s retaliatory weapons — will now clearly be won by Russia against America and its colonies (‘allies’). That’s called a “proxy war” because it is actually between Russia and the U.S.’s NATO anti-Russian alliance (which supplies to Ukraine the weapons, intelligence, and command, while Ukraine itself supplies the soldiers and the battlefield).  Another of the reasons why weak counries are starting to resist the U.S. empire is that despite the efforts now by Israel’s soldiers and America’s weapons, ammunition, bombs, and intelligence assistance, to either ethnically cleanse all 2.3 million Gazans out of Gaza, or to else exterminate all of them, it is now clear that the reputational damage that this will do, to the U.S. regime in Washington, will be compared increasingly to what the Nazi German regime had been doing to the Jews during WW2; and, so, the global outrage and contempt against the U.S. regime that will result from this will become indelibly stamped upon future history at so deep a psychological level that the U.S. regime will find itself no likelier to propagandize it away than the numerous U.S. empire admirers of Hitler have been able to resuscitate Hitler’s reputation (as having been a German ‘patriot’ whose reputation is bad only because of ‘Jewish and Bolshevik propaganda’ — which Hitler’s regime always claimed to be its enemies).

So, now, increasingly in Africa and other places where billions of poor people are still not yet free of the imperialists and the exploitation that is imposed upon them by the imperialist regime (now America’s alone) internationally, there is a popular movement to “kick the Yankees out” and to free their nation’s Government to become sovereign over its territory, in order to create the basis upon which authentic democracy can develop there. Sometimes this national freedom movement is actually being led by dissident native generals who are so popular among the public, on account of their resistance to the imperialists, as to be able to take over the Government and to order out the U.S. and its ‘allied’ (i.e., colonial) military forces. The most-prominent recent example of this is in the very poor nation of Niger, which is the world’s 7th-poorest on per-capita GDP at $585 annual income per person, and the world’s 6th-poorest on GDP PPP annual income at $1,505 annual income per person. Niger is far poorer even than the Western Hemisphere’s poorest nation, which is Haiti (which is at $1,748 and $3,306, respectively).

Niger until recently was still under the French boot (France being now itself a U.S. colony), and the first thing that the generals’ revolution did there was to order all French troops to leave.

Nigerans were ebullient about it, and marched and celebrated the command against the exploiting foreign aristocracy, to get rid of the foreign aristocracy’s control over Niger. And then, on 15 April 2024, Russia’s RT News bannered “West African nation stages protests against US military presence: Organizers praised Niger’s rulers for diversifying ties with nations, including Russia, that respect the state’s sovereignty”, and reported:

Thousands of demonstrators, including government officials, rallied in Niger’s capital, Niamey, on Saturday, demanding the withdrawal of the US Army from the West African nation, which kicked French troops out last year. 

The protests took place in support of the Nigerien military government’s decision on March 16 to terminate a military accord with Washington, accusing it of attempting to deny Niamey the right to choose its partners and the types of cooperation that can help in its fight against terrorism. The decade-long cooperation deal had authorized some 1,000 American troops and civilian contractors to operate in the landlocked country. 

“We said no to the French; they ended up packing up and going. Today, we say no to the American military presence; they will leave too,” Colonel Ibro Amadou, a member of the military government, told the crowd of protesters, according to state outlet Le Sahel.

Since President Mohamed Bazoum was deposed in a coup last July, the former French colony’s new leadership has been reviewing cooperation with Western partners that were previously engaged by the overthrown civilian government. Former colonial power France completed its troop withdrawal in December on the orders of Niamey’s military rulers, citing alleged internal interference and a failure to combat Islamic terrorists in the Sahel region. …

It’s interesting that on RT’s Odysee channel, their phrase was “Hundreds of locals demand that U.S. troops leave Niger.” However, what their video showed looked like at least approximately as large a crowd as the one that RT had earlier shown at the successful rally to get the French troops to leave:


‘We will be resilient’ | Thousands demand departure of French troops from Niger.

Thousands demand French troops leave Niger.
Hundreds of locals demand that US troops leave Niger.

Apparently, at neither rally was any video taken from the air above the rally, but these ground-level images, at both rallies, are likelier “thousands,” or perhaps tens of thousands, than “hundreds.”

The break-up of the U.S. empire is no longer unimaginable — not only because of Asia’s economies, including both China’s and Russia’s, growing at a much faster annual clip for the past 25 years than America’s and any of its colonies (with the possible exception of South Korea), but because of the clear shamefulness of the U.S. regime’s supplying the bombs and ammunition, and weapons, by which its Israeli colony is now ethnically cleansing (if not totally exterminating) all of the 2.3 million Gazans. That will be a reputational damage which exceeds in its blatancy any of the U.S. regime’s previous evils.

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