Brave New World: Is There A Chance For Global Owners To Build It?


O wonder!
How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world,
That has such people in ‘t.

William Shakespeare

The goal of a capitalist is to defeat a competitor in a competitive struggle at any cost and take his place in the market. In the era of global markets, the same thing is happening. But not so long ago, the capitalist competition ended, the competitors were defeated, the winner was determined. And he doesn’t want to compete with anyone. He wants to fix the status quo and be a global leader. Forever.

Currently, the opinion is often expressed about the lack of logic, or even insanity in the behavior of the “collective West”, shooting oneself in the foot, etc. However, this is not the case. All actions are logical and consistent, the goals are defined very clearly: the destruction of Russia’s state, the extermination of the country’s population, primarily Russians. Or, as Western “diplomats” diplomatically put it now, inflicting a strategic defeat on Russia on the battlefield. Europe is currently designated as the battlefield. The line of contact is the territory of Ukraine. People from Washington are in charge. Strategic tasks are set by global owners, they also make decisions about the beginning and end of wars.

At the same time, the statement that the war with the “collective West” for Russia is a war for existence, and for the conditional West it is simply the protection of its privileges, is not true. Defeat in the war and the emergence of a multipolar world means that global owners lose their monopoly on wealth and power. Which is equivalent to death, if not physically, then economically and socially.

Global owners are actively creating a global corporation (GC), which requires executive and loyal managers to work in. It must be admitted that the Owners manage to successfully solve the personnel problem. The prospect of joining the GC, breaking into the elite and making a career in the global world turned out to be very attractive. Presidents, prime ministers, ministers of defense, foreign affairs, heads of international organizations, media owners, etc., faithfully serve the Owners, destroy the sovereignty of their countries, defiantly neglecting the interests of the population, whom they must faithfully serve. Moreover, they are ready to sacrifice millions of ordinary people’s lives to prove their loyalty and capacity to the Owners.
This also happened in Russia in the 90s of the last century after the collapse of the USSR, when liberal reformist politicians and the oligarchs behind them came to power.

For a long time and successfully in the countries of the conditional West and on the territory of the former USSR, globalists have been solving the task of reformatting people’s consciousness, value systems, and forming the image of an aggressive enemy who poses a mortal danger. The policy of abolition, total control, ruthless struggle against dissent, military psychosis. In general, ordinary fascism.

The owners understand that the obstacle to the implementation of their plans is the indigenous, primarily white population of European countries and the United States with a relatively high standard of living, with the ability to think independently and resist. Of course, multinational Russia also belongs to such countries. In order to solve this problem, the Owners organized the replacement of the indigenous population of Europe with migrants from Africa and Asia, and in the case of the United States, also immigrants from Latin America. They are easier to manage and easier to recruit as soldiers for future wars.

In Russia, the indigenous population is being replaced by migrants from Central Asia and the Caucasus. However, the goal here is different: the unleashing of interethnic and inter-confessional armed conflicts and the collapse of the country from within, followed by the seizure or control of its territories and resources in the interests of global co-owners.

The largest victory of the globalists would be the outbreak of war between Russia and Ukraine and the realization of their age-old dream of mass extermination of Russians by Russians, and in a broader sense Slavs by Slavs.

Greed is a serious pathology. Incurable. There are few architects of the brave new world who are hungry for absolute power and wealth. There are several tens of thousands of them. Compared to the size of the world’s population, the value is not noticeable. The arithmetic error. Unbelievable: an arithmetic error can destroy humanity.

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