Who Has Blown Up Moscow Airport?

Any terrorist attack immanently pursues a certain political goal. Clear understanding of this goal and an analysis of the whole set of available facts about the horrific explosion in Domodedovo earlier this week may bring us closer to the answer to the key question: who are the perpetrators and who ordered them to commit the barbaric murder of dozens of people in the airport reception hall?

There is no doubt that the ultimate aim was to destabilize Russian political system and trigger the ‘orange scenario’ on the eve of electoral season here. ‘Orange scenario’ means transition of power to the liberal opposition by organizing and funding of a small but extremely motivated and politically active protesting movement that serves as a blind ram at the decisive hour of announcing the results. Therefore the more insecure the people feel and the lower the authority of the central powers is the higher are the chances for opposition to gather a cheated mass storm rise.

Who wants a new Russian revolution? Evidently, the global oligarchic capital seeking to establish (partly restore) their control over Russian resources and other assets. All the claims about ‘lack of democracy’, ‘human rights violations’, ‘war-torn Chechnya’ etc are just a baseless trumpery aimed to hide this simple and plain motive.

Now let us have a look at the political context.

On January 20, 2011 President Medvedev returned from the Middle East, the first ever trip of a Russian leader to Palestine which was not shared with a visit to Israel. Main declaration: he confirmed Russian support for Palestinian statehood within pre-1967 borders.

On January 23, 2011 Al-Jazeera published ‘revealing’ materials about secret Palestinian concessions to Israel proposed in 2008. So in three days after farewell ceremony with President Medvedev Palestinian leader Mahmud Abbas got a ‘punishment’ from Mossad. A ‘punishment’ for the Russian president came one day later…

The first shocking fact of the explosion in Domodedovo airport on January 24 is the volume of explosive. 7 kg in TNT equivalent! Circle of 30 meters of complete destruction around the epicenter. A hole of 15-20 centimeters deep in the marbled floor (area 1 on photo). The whole floor within the scene is seriously damaged with scratches from metallic filling of the bomb. At the same time, many lamps at the ceiling above the scene are untouched (area 4).

Another specific feature is the character of traumas. Almost all victims have their legs significantly damaged or torn away. Both facts indicate that the epicenter was very low and the blast wave was spreading horizontally along the floor.

No need to be an expert in forensics to conclude that apparently the bomb was inside a suitcase or a bag. Should there be a person carrying or pulling it? That is possible but not absolutely pre-conditional. Was it exactly his job to activate the device? I do not see any reason for such modus operandi of the terrorists. The drugs are very costly and for chosen scenario there is no need to waste them to train a suicide zombie. Much easier is to fool somebody with request to hand a luggage to a traveler or just to leave a suitcase among other things. Once the crowd is formed a side observer simply sends a text message with his mobile phone…

Now much more interesting thoughts. For the first time the Russian leaders recognized that this terrorist act doesn’t have any connection to Chechnya. It was crystal clear that the ‘Chechen card’ was played off long ago. So-called jamaats at the North Caucasus do not even take responsibility for the sporadic attacks on the governmental and security agencies as well as Islamic leaders condemning them. The chimerical idea of ‘Caucasian Caliphate’ has been eventually degraded to banal criminal uprising parasitizing on few facts of mismanagement by the local national clans and justified grievances of the population. It is definitely not their job. So who is behind the airport blast?

Last fall I’ve posted an interesting article by Peter Chamberlin ‘Who Is Responsible For Suicide Bomber Academies?”. He describes, among other things, the evidence of several US military veterans who were involved in developing the mind-control research programs after the World War II in the US. He also cites Chechen leader Kadyrov as saying that ‘the captured members of Riyad-us-Saliheen Brigade (a Chechnya-based terrorist organization that was active in Russia in early 2000s – OR) had confessed that Western specialists had given them mind-control drugs, which had the effect of making them like robots, who “do not think.” There are also numerous evidence that terrific ‘suicide truck bombings’ in Iraq and Afghanistan happen mostly after they pass through check-points of the PMCs…

So it is getting more or less obvious that what happened in Domodedovo last Monday was a typical subversive act, a professional special operation against the geopolitical rival. The integral component of such operation is the plausible leaks about possible perpetrators. So we’ve heard about a ‘Chechen girl bomber’ captured by the Russian security forces in December last year who ‘was planning a large-scale attack in Moscow’ and ‘two Palestinians among the victims in Domodedovo’. It very much resembles the story about a Quran and a Pilotage Guidelines left at the back seat of a car used by 9/11 hijackers.

I deliberately will not suggest any specific subversive agency that might operate in Russia and commit this act. After all, the name and location of its HQ doesn’t really matter. What does matter is that the false traces they used to impose on public opinion and international counter-terrorism experts in reality have nothing to do with Islam and Islamic values.

So-called ‘Islamic factor’ as a powerful and blind tool for achieving geopolitical goals is not a modern invention. Creation of different ersatz movements on Islamic soil is an old and charming British tradition. Immediately after the definitive collapse of original British dynasty of Stuarts as a result of ‘Glorious Revolution’ of 1688, the real masters of the new Britain who sponsored William of Orange and brought him to power began corrupting both Christian and Islamic faiths. It can hardly be a coincidence that very soon the ideology of Islamic Protestantism preached by Muhammad ibn Abd-al-Wahhab (1703-1792) gained political leverage and was established in the House of Saud.

By now though, I would say that it is only the most narrow-minded people who do not see that all ‘Caliphate’ and other ‘Heaven-on-the-Earth projects’ are clandestinely controlled and managed by global elites. They need such false dichotomy in order to build up their dominance in the fire of global Chaosistan. Will Muslims be prudent enough to understand it? Hopefully they are and the mankind will avoid the worst scenario. Anyway, Russia is the last country where anti-Islamic hysteria may take any effect.

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  2. I read the article in Time Magazine and then click on this website to get another take because it seemed that the opinion may be a little different what the opinion of Russian people is. I live in the United and really do like the people here and the place I live. I have been to Russia and met nearly 500 people there and I have some idea what Russia feels. Really it makes little difference what people’s opinions on this or that as to why it happened or who is right or wrong. The important this is that we as human world need to work as team to try to prevent these tragic things like this from happening in the future. As a team we a powerful force against terrorism as a world working together and the probability of minimizing these type of occurances would be much greater than simply worrying about who is right or wrong and focus a team on mapping out measure to prevent further incidences.


  3. Chechen freedom-fighters have become another phoney Al-Qaeda scapegoat. The fact is that most peace initiatives have been sabotaged either by Putin or his rival, the Jewish multi-billionaire media tycon and politician, Boris Abramovich Berezovsky , who is wanted for arrest in both Russia and Brazil. Boris was a close friend of former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko, who was poisoned with a lethal dose of radioactive Polonium-210 in a London sushi bar. Russian author, Paul Klebnikov has called Boris Berezovsky “Godfather of the Kremlin” in his 2000 book by the same name. Currently, Boris is reportedly backing the exiled Chechen politician Ahmed Zakayev, currently living in Britain.

    Could it be Boris using Israeli Mossad to demonize Putin further and sabotage his political power against Russian President Dmitri Medvedev or it was a Jewish vengeance against Russian support for a independent Palestinian State. Mossad holds world record when it comes to acts of terrorism and false-flag operations. Last year Moscow Metro bombing, according to Israel Shamir, was Israeli act of vengeance for Moscow’s support for Iran.

    Coincidently, I read an article published by Alex Jones, who is notorious for diverting public attention away from crimes committed by Zionists. In the article, titled “Moscow Airport Blasts: FSB False Flag, Anti-Putin Campaign Or Real Separatist Attack?” – the authors (Steve Watson and Paul Watson) claim that like many earlier terrorist attacks in Russia – the Moscow airport bombing was also work of the Russian security service, PSB.

    “The notorious Russian FSB has a documented history of staging false flag events in order to accomplish political agendas. The FSB has played a direct role in almost every major attack to have taken place over the last 10 years. Vladimir Putin came to power as a result of an FSB orchestrated reign of terror in the autumn of 1999 which involved blowing up apartment blocks all over Russia and blaming the attacks on Chechen separatists, allowing Putin to start a new war and secure victory in the presidential election,” says the article.

    “The September 2004 Beslan hostage crisis, which led to the deaths of over 300 people including many children, another event blamed on Chechen terrorists, was also wrought with contradictions and red flags suggesting inside involvement. The Beslan massacre occurred amidst a wave of terror attacks in Russia and shortly after the crashes of two Tupolev passenger airliners, which were blamed on Chechen terrorists by authorities. However, citing the fact that the aircraft debris was scattered over large areas, the independent Russian media accused Vladimir Putin of ordering the planes shot down in a crude false flag ploy to secure an election victory for the pro-Kremlin Chechen President Alu Alkhanov two days later,” noted the article.

    On the other hand, the geopolitical analyst Webster Tarpley has increasingly pointed to an ongoing campaign being waged by the Russian opposition, supported by the west, to oust Prime Minister Putin. Just days ago Tarpley spoke to Russia today about this destabilization effort. Watch a video below.

    Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin in a press conference today announced that Chechen Mujahideen are not behind the Moscow airport bombing but some foreign groups may be involved.

    After the announcement, the Zionist media has changed its tune. Now, it has started blaming the Pakistan-based anti-West Islamist militias (most of which are funded and trained by CIA-Mossad-RAW). In other word – Moscow, instead of investigating the CIA-Mossad-MI6 hands behind the bombing – should concentrate on Muslims.


  4. Almost all victims have their legs significantly damaged or torn away. Both facts indicate that the epicenter was very low and the blast wave was spreading horizontally along the floor.?

  5. @Rehmat,
    You’ve expressed many accurate thoughts although few conclusions have a paradoxical smell.
    That’s true that Berezovsky is one of the main masters in anti-Putin game. A multi-millionaire and notorious mafioso in Russia he did financed ‘Chechen’ gangs when he was in office in Yeltsin’s times (he was once the Russian Security Council Secretary in late 1990s). No doubt he had a variety of contacts in Russian security agencies and some people worked (and maybe still working) for him. Litvinenko is the most known case. He was trapped in Berezovsky scheme and maybe, being an FSB officer, participated in organizing the explosions of apartment blocks in Moscow in 1999. No proof, but Berezovsky’s interest is obvious. Later Litvinenko escaped to London and was used as a puppet author of few ‘revealing’ books about ‘Putin’s regime’. He kept working for his master until he received British citizenship in 2006. I’m sure he tried to get off the Berezovsky’s hook after that believing that he was protected by the British passport now. But a fool always ends in foolish way. Berezovsky just killed him arranging the assassination as a ‘Putin’s revenge’. Please think about these facts. Now you know almost everything. The ‘Chechen’ story has many equivalents in other ‘Islamic’ movements.

    Thank you for your comment. I fully support the idea of working in team against terrorism. The problem is that the self-nominated ‘coaches’ apparently have a secret agreements with the adversary.

  6. Andre Fomine – based on your claim about the “other ‘Islamic’ movements”….

    Or you saying that both Lenin and Stalin who murdered more than 60 million Russian Christians and Muslims – were not Jewish but belonged to some ‘Islamic movement’. May be Hitler was not grandson of a Jewish prostitute but a member of some German ‘Islamic movement’. Oh, let us not forget those 150,000 German Jews who were part of the Nazi Army and carried the genocide of millions of Gypsies, Christians and Jews – were in fact conducting their Islamic Jihad.

    WW I and WW II which killed over 100 million people – too could fought to establish a ‘Khilafat’ in world, right.

    Calm your nerves, Moshe and face the real music.


  7. @Rehmat,
    I never misused the word ‘Jew’, bro… Moreover I do not think that the problem is particularly in Jews. They are just most subject to temptation of global dominance. If you read my blog, you would see that Lenin, Hitler, bin Laden etc were funded and supported from the same source. All these personages were tried as stupid puppets originally but started their our games later. Stalin is another case. Some day we will speak about it.

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  9. Andre Fomine – How one could “misuse” the word Jew – wnen they were INVENTED only a 100 years ago, according to Israeli histoeian Dr. Shlomo Sand?

    You seems to be very ignorant of history. Lenin was 101% Jewish while Stalin and Hitler were ‘Crypto-Jewish’, having Jewish ancestors. Osama bin Laden was a dissident Saudi agent. He had nothing to do with Rothschild or Ziofacism.

  10. @Rehmat
    If we want to achieve a positive understanding of history we should not let hatred to take place in our hearts. Judge not, lest ye be judged… The problem is not in Jews, but in the evil in everyone’s heart. Please, fight this enemy.

  11. Andre Fomine – Tell me when was the last time you read Bible or Talmud. As late professor Israel Shahak wrote – those two book are the fountain of hatred in the hears of westerners and Zionist Jews against Islam and Muslims.

  12. @Rehmat
    If my memory doesn’t betray me last time I read Bible a bit later then the late Prof.Shahak :) I confess I’ve really never read Talmud and would hardly ever do. Anyway, I doubt that even late Prof.Shahak could find some version of Bible mentioning Islam or Muslims in any sense as this sacred text was completed few centuries before the birth of Prophet Muhammad (s.a.a.w.)
    And I recommend you to sustain a minimal reason in your polemic. Sometimes you afford baseless and crude claims, bro…

  13. Andre Fomine – Your whining would not take you anywhere.

    Jewish Bible (OT) doesn’t mentions the arrival of Jesus as ‘Saviour’ because it was written by Rabbis over 1000 year after the death of Moses.

    Christian Bible (NT) was not written by Jesus or his 11 disciples. It was written 80-150 years after the Jews hanged Jesus on a tree. NT’s 14 books out of 27 books were written by St. Paul. In 1991, Dr. Robert Funk DDD, the renowned authority on NT wrote that 80% of the verses quoted to Jesus in the NT – were faked by ‘interested people’, therefore, they’re not divine.

    Talmud was written by Rabbis over 100 years after the Crucification. It quotes the Jewish Rabbis who lived during Jesus time – calling Jesus an ‘illegitimate child’, his mother Mary ‘a prostitute’ and Christians ‘heretics’.

    My advice to people like you is “stop ranting and learn history from some OBJECTIVE source.

  14. @Rehmat
    My first wish was to remove your comment as extremely shameful and blasphemous. But I remembered that any reviling on God cannot insult Him, but in reality is self-humiliating for the slanderer… I’m sorry about you. You are not Muslim.

  15. Andre Fomine – What a pathetic Mufti you’re!!

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