Libyan ‘Peaceful’ Opposition

Anti-Gaddafi coalition has been bombing Libya for ten days already. Hundreds of civilians are dead or injured. Anyway the coalition is not a jot closer to the declared objective to oust Gaddafi from power.

The common prejudice is that the West is protecting ‘peaceful’ democratic opposition who would build ‘open and progressive government’ once installed in Tripoli. The main problem of lay Westerners is that it doesn’t imagine that the Lybian people knows it is a lie. The Lybian people knows that a group of local gangsters has entered a plot with vague secret services (most likely some ‘international’ private military contractors) in order to impose foreign domain over national natural resources in Libya. The rebels are lavishly supplied with guns, portable grenade launchers, munitions, uniform etc. Libyan conflict is just another war for oil where the West is misusing sometimes legitimate sentiments of few ‘offended’ tribes in Libya for mass worldwide deception.

ORIENTAL REVIEW will provide detailed analysis of the situation in Libya soon. Meanwhile please have an attentive look on few photos of Libyan guerrilla fighters, portrayed as ‘innocent soft targets of bloody Gaddafi military machine’:

A peaceful demonstrator holds FN-FAL rifle. Notable is not the fact it is FN-FAL or that he holds, but that the rifle is BRAND NEW, just out of the box!

Another one…

A machine gun for NATO-round shell. Just-out-of-the-box as well…

Here we see a large-caliber machine gun of Chinese production. Take note again: both gun and uniform are recently unpacked.

A new grenade launcher in the hands of instructor, who doesn’t looks Libyan, btw…

Has the NATO land operation already started? No, the ‘defenseless’ rebels are just uniformed from a NATO warehouse…

One of the most interesting photos. Inside the box are two 106-mm shell for the M40 cannon (US production). Look at the box loops. Do you see the flesh shining zinc there? Just delivered to Libya. There were no such arms in embargoed Gaddafi depots!

And here is the very M40 cannon which is not second hand according to picture, neither the camion…

Do you know what is it? Recently delivered guns, munitions, uniform, instructors? Internal separatist enclave being stirred up on unknown funds? That’s an organized and properly financed foreign interference in internal affairs, pure act of aggression. Do you expect Gaddafi could look calmly on such rebelion?

And it is only logical that anti-Gaddafi coalition attacked Libya the very day when the special UN Commission was about to land in Tripoli…

NB: All photos made by Western correspondents in Libyan areas controlled by the rebels before the Western military inteference.


The Last Victory of Muammar Gaddafi

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  1. Karla Marie Robinett

    Great post.People need to know the truth.

  2. According to Italian journalist Franco Bechis, plans to spark the Benghazi rebellion were initiated by French intelligence services in November 2010.

    French President Nicolas Sarkozy (born to a Jewish mother and Catholic father) had no problem with Qaddafi until July 2008 – when Qaddafi refused to attend a conference in Paris to launch a Mediterranean Union of 27 EU and 17 non-EU Mediterranean countries. The aim was to make the US-controlled NATO a warlord over the Mediterranean. The Arab League idiots now by calling for regime-change in Libya – have opened the flood gates for not only the domination of Muslim world by western nations through NATO but also threat to China, Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa.

    In war on Libya – according to US military sources, AFRICOM had flown 336 air sorties, 108 of them launching strikes and 212 conducted by the U.S. The operations included 162 Tomahawk cruise missile attacks.

  3. tinwatchman

    Far be it from me to interject in all of this, but might I direct your attention to the following photo? Which was somehow not included in that quite entertaining little montage above:

    For those without Google Translate on hand, the caption reads: “A Libyan rebel takes stock of weapons and ammunition in a government military base in Ajdabiya, which the rebels have taken over.” Notice the pile of anti-aircraft missile launchers on the ground.

  4. Actually...

    The FN’s are Belgian unless there the cheaper Brazilian knock off.

    The light machine gun he is holing is Russian.

    The heavy machine gun could be of Soviet production, but the Chinese and Pakistanis have knock offs too. The M Soviet version was put into service in 1946.

    That is not a grenade launcher; it is a Russian made SA-16 Surface to Air Missile Launcher that has been in production since 1974. Are you Libyan? He looks like he could be Libyan unless you were there and took the photo?

    Yes, we all know the NATO has given them uniforms it is all over the news.

    The M40 106mm anti-tank cannons have been in production since the 50’s and are made in the USA. Well if you have properly stored your ammunition, then I hope the hinges on the boxes would look fine.

    NATO, especially France since they admitted to it, has probably been supplying the Rebels with all sorts weapons, ammo, and supplies.

    What did you expect? A whole bunch of countries supplied a dictator with arms because they didn’t give a shit about the people that lived there? Sounds familiar don’t it? The countries in world have long been arming every one else who wants to buy.

    Spain and France helped America in it’s revolution and that worked out pretty well. At least there are people on the ground that actually want NATO in the skies…

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