The Sense In Which The Nazis Won WW II

Hitler wasn’t the Nazi Party — it existed even before he became a member.

This isn’t to deny his importance to the Party; but, as I found when I read through all of his writings and reliably transcribed statements in his speeches, private notes, etc., during the research for my 2000 WHY the Holocaust Happened, the extermination of all Jews had actually been an even higher priority in his mind than did winning WW II, and this view he held was opposed not only by his generals, but by some other Nazis, because, whereas for Hitler, the anticipated “Thousand-Year Reich” couldn’t even begin until all Jews were eliminated from the planet, many other Nazis were actually focused more on the “Deutschland” than on the “alles” in the “Deutschland über alles” German national anthem: they were nationalists, even more than they were haters (of Jews, communists, etc.) or anything else. However, for ALL Nazis, the very concept of the German Reich (or Empire) was an extension and restoration of the Holy Roman Empire (which wasn’t Roman, but German, and started in the year 962 when the German King Otto the First was anointed in Rome, by Pope John XII, to become the Holy Roman Emperor, thus passing political leadership of the Western world — then meaning of the Catholic world — from Italy, to Germany. Nazism, in this sense (which Hitler didn’t fully subscribe to), was more about restoring Germany to the political leadership of the Western World — ALL of Christianity — than about destroying other religions (or ethnicities, or nationalities) as its ‘enemies’. Whereas, for Hitler, the Crusades — destroying Muslims and Jews — were the main model and inspiration (and he viewed himself as being a Crusading Knight on horseback, and commissioned a portrait of himself as being that), many other Nazis were more inspired to restore German control over the Christian empire, than to destroy any sort of competitors. These Nazis accepted Hitler as their leader though his priorities differed from theirs.

And this brings us to today’s Americanized global nazism, which keeps the Nazis’ hatred of Russians, but abandons Hitler’s (even-more-intense) hatred of Jews. It’s nazi nonetheless.

Churchill, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Bernard Montgomery at a reunion of British Eighth Army, October 19, 1951

When Hitler committed suicide as Stalin’s forces were entering Berlin and conquered Germany, that wasn’t the end of nazism as an ideology, but ONLY of Hitler’s kill-Jews-above-all-else obsession. Hitler had failed in the obsession that had been consuming him ever since September 1919, but the Nazi movement became adopted by U.S. President Harry S. Truman on 25 July 1945, who then oversaw the importation of thousands of Nazi Party officials and operatives, into the United States and also arranging safe passage for them into Canada and other UK Empire countries in order to get these ‘former’ Nazis’ help to conquer the Soviet Union, so as for America to take over the world; and the Vatican in Rome (which cooperated with and backed Truman) also helped these ‘former’ Nazis to obtain refuge in South America. Meanwhile, as the great 1992 BBC documentary (which was produced prior to the BBC’s learning that the Deep State of the UK and U.S. had already secretly arranged to continue the Cold War on the U.S.-and-allied side even after the Soviet Union and its communism would end), which is titled at youtube “Operation Gladio – Full 1992 documentary BBC”, makes clear, America took over and utilized the global fascist and racist-fascist (or “nazi”) movement after FDR died, so as to use it to conquer nations that the U.S. regime wanted to take over by means of subversion, coups, and invasions. That BBC documentary is a crucial historical document, because of its many filmed interviews with ‘former’ nazis and other fascists — U.S.-Government hirees to help conquer the Soviet Union.

That documentary got made because the BBC management hadn’t yet been informed by the UK’s Deep State, that U.S. President GHW Bush had started, on 24 February 1990, secretly to inform the heads-of-state of U.S.-‘allied’ (actually vassal) nations, that after the Soviet Union and its communism and Warsaw Pact alliance would end the Cold War on the Russian side, the U.S.-and-‘allied’ countries would instead secretly continue it on their side, until Russia itself becomes a U.S. vassal-nation — becomes conquered. So, they produced this documentary. But soon after the documentary was commissioned, they decided not to publicize or advertise it; and, therefore, subsequently, no video of that documentary was made publicly available. However, fortunately, the person who uploaded it to youtube on 7 July 2012 had privately filmed it from his personal TV when it was telecast. This is why ONLY this very grainy version of it is now available. This documentary masterpiece that the BBC had produced remains hidden by the BBC itself.

Because the U.S. regime’s war to take over Russia continues to this day, that important historical document is hidden. If youtube were to take it down, then still the many archived versions of it, such as this one, probably couldn’t be eliminated and so would become increasingly a public embarrassment to the BBC. So, instead, they simply ignore it.

What it documents is the U.S. having taken over the global fascist and racist-fascist movement, to use it as proxy-forces so as to conquer Russia — which all of them hate (because Russia won’t yield to nazis nor to any other foreign power such as the U.S. regime — which sustains nazism after WW II). On 15 June 2014, RT posted to youtube their updated documentary on Operation Gladio’s history in Ukraine, “America’s Many Nazi Connections”.

We’re now approaching what would be the final stage of America’s ceaseless-since-25-July-1945 effort to conquer Russia. Russia, of course, is determined to prevent that conquest; but, if the only two options that Russia will have left will be either to capitulate or else to participate with the U.S. in destroying the entire world by a WW III, I think that the choice will be the latter. America is still the world’s leading power, but I think that most Russians will never accept its being the ONLY power. Perhaps soon, one side or the other will yield. This confrontation can’t continue indefinitely as being MERELY “a game of nuclear ‘chicken’.” Either it will go to global nuclear annihilation or else to the U.S. regime’s ultimate acceptance that it won’t ever achieve the dream that all of the Nazis had, of ruling the entire world.

Anyway: America’s ultimate plan, right now, is to conquer China, and it views conquering Russia in Ukraine as being an essential pre-requisite to subsequently taking Taiwan and conquering China. These are the primary objectives of America’s Deep State, which controls the U.S. Government.

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