Artificial Intelligence Has Become Part Of Our Lives And Now What?

Measures are being developed around the globe in rush to regulate the use of artificial intelligence (AI). Consultations between the expert community and legislators are taking place in Australia, the UK, China, the USA, France, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan and Spain. The AI issue has already reached the level of the European Union and G7.

The ChatGPT, a chat bot developed in 2022 (Generative Pretrained Transformer), made the whole world aware of the sudden danger of recklessly using AI. With the advent of this software product, a new term, generative artificial intelligence, has come into common use.

The chatbot was trained in giving detailed answers very similar to the product of human activity based on web data, generate the simplest program code and translate various languages. ChatGPT gained popularity very quickly both among students, schoolchildren and Internet users involved in preparing text documents.

The apparent reliability and consistency of the resulting data misled many people. Some began to extol the chatbot as a panacea that enables drastically reducing the time for solving the simplest tasks, overusing system-generated articles and passing them off as a product of their own intellectual activity. Others recalled the threats of humanizing machines and only a few thought about how this and other similar systems would affect the human mental health, social processes and, in a few years, would most likely begin to control the perception of events taking place in the world.

Sam Altman
Sam Altman

This, in our opinion, should be considered in the first instance. For the sake of experiment, we asked one of ChatGPT version which country is the embodiment of the good, Russia or the USA? The results of our short research were as follows:

“As is the case with all states, the Country has its upsides and downsides. Upsides include a high standard of living, developed economy, multiple educational and career opportunities, strong system of civil liberties and rights and cultural diversity. However, there are also issues in the Country, such as high health and education costs, racial and political discords, homeless and poor people environmental and climate problems. Shaping a certain opinion about the Country depends on many factors and is very subjective.”

“As is the case with any state, the Country has its upsides and downsides. Some people think that the Country is a wonderful place to live, while others may think that it is facing certain problems. It seems fair to say that the Country features a rich cultural heritage and is also an important player on the global stage in political and economic terms. However, there are also issues relating to human rights, corruption and other social and economic woes.”

In the first case, ChatGPT implies the United States when referring to the multicultural highly developed society while the second answer mirrors the adverse stereotypes established in the West in respect of Russia.

Inexhaustible clones of such chats operating on a 24/7 basis will soon be massively used to influence public opinion and demoralize society. This is what alerted competent authorities around the world. They became concerned with the problem of using generative artificial intelligence, being well aware that ChatGPT was a product of OpenAI, an American company, whose operations were comprehensively supported by Microsoft, a vendor tarnished with cooperation with the U.S. intelligence agencies on multiple occasions.

Without introducing serious restrictions and rules into the code of the program similarly to robotics laws drafted back in 1942 by science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, the use of such systems is certainly a serious threat to humanity. Nevertheless, when did such trifles stop the USA stubbornly trying to imbed AI into combat systems and let them decide whether to kill a human being or not? As a reminder, most recently the Guardian reported that a U.S. AI controlled combat drone ‘killed’ its operator during a simulation test because the latter interfered with its task.

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