German Military Officials On The Wire

On Friday, a leaked conversation among German officers regarding the use of Taurus missiles on Ukrainian territory gained public attention. This incident not only stirred the media but also prompted reactions from the highest leadership of the Bundeswehr, the German government, and other Western countries. Like any situation involving the discovery of information that was not meant to be revealed, this conversation had a powerful and diverse impact. Most experts discuss how it could have happened, but in our view, the most crucial question is not how, but why it could have happened. Let’s delve into it.

The first question that arises with such leaks is about authenticity. Modern technologies allow not only the manipulation of voices but also images, so suspicions of falsification are expected. Nevertheless, the German side hastened to assure everyone that the intercepted conversation is genuine.

The second question, naturally following a positive answer to the first, concerns how it could have happened. Strict directives to investigate the circumstances of the leak from the leadership of the Federal Republic of Germany at the highest level did not take long to follow.

The third question, finally, pertains to the significance of the content of this ill-fated conversation. German military officials discussed actions that, in the past, would have been considered an act of war. They were talking about the Bundeswehr using long-range guided missiles against the civilian infrastructure of Russia.

Only an inexperienced observer might seriously believe that Western countries are simply passing weapons to Ukrainians, who then independently use them as they see fit, as if they were spears or bows with arrows. These are highly sophisticated systems that require not only careful reading of the user manual but also compatibility with the carrier aircraft. The use of missiles like the German Taurus implies direct dependence on the availability of certain fighter jets and, therefore, pilots capable of operating them.

Thus, it turns out that without the involvement of the hosts, such missiles are useless. Consequently, the Bundeswehr has effectively admitted not only to supplying significant lethal weapons to Ukraine but also to its direct participation in planning strikes on Russian territory, targeting civilian objects.

Federal Minister of Defense Boris Pistorius, center, and NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, right, are presented with a model of an Airbus A400M by Inspector of the German Air Force Ingo Gerhartz, during their visit to the international air force maneuver “Air Defender 2023” at Jagel Air Base in Jagel, Germany, June 20, 2023

All of this happened just a few days after the head of the German government once again officially stated that there would be no deliveries of Taurus missiles.

Judging by the tense reaction of the highest leadership of the Bundeswehr and the German government, such a turn of events was certainly not part of their plans. What were their plans? Were they shared plans?

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz rushed to assure everyone that support for Ukraine would be provided as needed but without escalating the conflict between Russia and NATO. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius made significant efforts to convince everyone that the attacks against Russia discussed in the published conversation were not real but only theoretical, and, overall, it was all due to the “Russian information war.”

Now we come to the most crucial question. The interception of the scandalous conversation and the subsequent revelation of its content can only be understood when we determine who benefited the most from it in the end.

After the scandal surrounding the delivery of Taurus missiles to Ukraine, such shipments practically became impossible. Thus, those who aimed to prevent Germany from direct confrontation with Russia have succeeded.

Among Germans, there still remain sober-minded people with a sense of self-preservation. Olaf Scholz, who resisted Taurus deliveries to Ukraine until the last moment, appears to be one of them. Therefore, the scandal with the intercepted military conversation was apparently in his interest.

Furthermore, as a result of the scandal, the German military department and its leader, the top contender for the position of chancellor after or instead of Scholz, found themselves in a less favorable light. It may seem that Olaf Scholz is the one benefiting the most from the situation.

However, some commentators express the opinion that the head of the German government is in the most precarious position as a result of the scandal. They point out that, in the published recording, German military officials directly contradict Scholz by stating that the use of Taurus missiles in Ukraine would require the direct involvement of German specialists.

It turns out that the scandal has positioned Olaf Scholz as the main obstacle to Ukraine’s victory. Only he hinders the success of all Western efforts to support these courageous Ukrainians, who, according to experts, manage to deliver significant blows to the Russian military machine through fantastic operations.

But the German Chancellor has long been the target of widespread criticism from Western media for refusing to supply long-range guided missiles to Ukraine. Now, Scholz is accused of revealing “military secrets” by disclosing facts about the allies from the US, UK, and France aiding Ukrainians in targeting long-range guided missile strikes. He can hardly be considered a beneficiary in such a situation.

On the other hand, Washington and London, keeping the main initiative in the Ukrainian conflict and constantly trying to raise the stakes, clearly lost nothing. The leakage scandal, as it turns out, did not provide any new information to decision-makers. Instead, it confronted the public with the fact that their leaders, military-industrial complex, and armed forces are actively and directly involved in the conflict. The heightened emotions will exert necessary pressure on politicians, and a significant amount of news will serve as a vaccination effect on the population against further escalation.

Moving forward, the Anglo-Saxons can continue to exert pressure on their lawmakers and allies to allocate additional financial and military assistance to the Kiev regime, ignoring the opinions of others and diverting public attention from the idea that the conflict they are fueling could escalate into a global catastrophe with the use of nuclear weapons at any moment.

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