Americans Need To Come To Terms With The Reality Of Post-WW2 U.S. History — And Why They Aren’t

On February 26th, I headlined and documented “How the U.S.-Israel Genocide of the 2.3 Million Gazans Is Proceeding”, and linked to polls showing Americans to believe that Palestinians are genociding Israelis more than that Israelis are genociding Gazans (which is what’s actually occurring). On that same day, included that news-report on its daily list of “Trending pro-Kremlin headlines” because it quoted Israel’s most popular internet portal proudly alleging that Israel has since 7 October 2023 dropped far more bombs on Gazans than Russia has dropped on the vastly larger nation of Ukraine ever since Russia joined Ukraine’s war, on 24 February 2022 — which was a longer time ago, and covering a territory 1,652 times as large. If Harvard academicians are thus labeling that article as being “pro-Kremlin” instead of pro-truth (which is all that it is), then it’s no wonder why Julian Assange is being treated by the U.S. regime as a dangerous enemy, instead of as a champion of free speech and a free press — the values of our own Founding Fathers. But that’s the way things are now in America, and so if the American people on 5 November 2024 will be electing a President on the basis of what the U.S. regime and its agents such as Harvard University consider to be unacceptable to be published to the American people, then what will be remaining in force from the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment, and even from the rest of that document — which should be considered Holy Writ by Americans, instead of as being traitorous to this nation (such as Harvard treats it)? What will be remaining of the spirit and intentions of our Founding Fathers who gifted us what remained until 25 July 1945 a democracy (even if only a very limited one, but now appears to be entirely gone)?

Stalin, Truman and Churchill in Potsdam, Germany, July 1945
Stalin, Truman and Churchill in Potsdam, Germany, July 1945

Apparently, today’s Americans are more believing the U.S. Government’s lies that it is against genociding the Gazans, than believe the reality that the U.S. Government is partnering with Israel’s Government to perpetrate at least the ethnic cleansing of Gazans and has even committed itself to continuing this anti-Gazan policy if Israel’s efforts to expel from Gaza any that survive fail and therefore Israel outright slaughters all of the then-surviving Gazans inside Gaza. America has committed itself to whatever Israel’s Government will be doing to the Gazans, but the American people — with only a minority opposing that U.S. Government policy of unqualified backing of Israel’s war against Gazans — seem either not to care about, or else outright to support, this U.S. Government policy, of participating in either an ethnic cleansing, or else an outright genocide, against Gazans.

All of the scientific evidence is clear that regarding policies of the U.S. Government — and especially regarding U.S. foreign policies — the U.S. Government ignores what its public wants the U.S. Government to do, and pays attention to ONLY what the richest 0.01% of the richest 1% — to ONLY what the richest 100 thousandth — of the U.S. population want it to do.

In fact, if not in intention, the U.S. Government is a dictatorship — by an aristocracy of extreme wealth — which pretends to be a democracy.

If Americans will not come to terms with the reality of what America is and has been ever since 25 July 1945, then how will it even be possible for America to START to become again even as much of a democracy as it had been prior to that date? The immediately prior U.S. President, FDR, had been carefully planning the changes for the post-War world to terminate ALL empires and imperialisms, and to PREVENT America from becoming yet ANOTHER empire; but by now the exact opposite of that profoundly pro-democracy program for the world is being pushed even behind the scenes, by Harvard and the rest of the Establishment. The result of this has become an American public that is deeply imbued with pro-U.S.-empire lies, and that is voting on this basis.

The invasions of Iraq in 2003-, Libya in 2011-, Syria in 2012-, coup in Ukraine in 2014, etc., were all based on lies that Americans believed (and many still believe to this day), but the lessons from truth never sink in: the prejudices that are based upon such lies are far more longlasting and influential. If this will not end NOW, then what hope will there be for the world?

Consequently, what could be more important now for Americans than to overthrow and replace the post-25-July-1945 empire of lies, with, instead, a free world, such as FDR had been planning? A world of freedom and democracy can be based ONLY on truth. And that would be the biggest revolution of all.

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