America’s Government Is Destroying Europe

This commentary picks up from where the brilliant commentary by Tarik Cyril Amar on March 15th at RT News leaves off. That article’s headline was “Western troops in Ukraine: How a big lie could lead to the biggest war” (i.e., WW3). The topic of my commentary will be why it would. And the “big lie” that Amar refers to is that the current European Governments — the member-nations within, and cooperators with, the EU and NATO — are democracies, instead of being what they actually are, which is colonies whose leaders are stooges that represent the imperial U.S. Government instead of representing the welfare of their nation’s residents, who are actually mere subjects of the American empire, instead of being citizens of any sort of authentic democracy. So, Amar’s commentary is well worth reading, because it is entirely true, and because it closes by condemning at the end of its flawless succession of facts and logic, “what the West has made itself believe. It is high time to break that spell of self-hypnosis, and face facts.” He says that Europeans will have to recognize instead of deny that because they have been “hypnotized” by lying ‘news’-media and politicians that represent the interests of America’s billionaires instead of themselves (as would have been the case if they were in a democracy), their own future is being destroyed so that America’s billionaires who control the U.S. Government will continue to thrive, at their expense — just as ANY colony’s residents are exploited by the aristocracy of the imperial Government that they serve. So: Amar’s commentary is about the necessity of coming out of that “hypnosis,” so as to see and respond to reality. It is an urgently needed wake-up call to Europeans, so that they might be able to change their Governments by replacing all of the U.S.-regime stooges who now lead them — people such as Macron, Scholz, Sunak, Starmer, von der Leyen, Borel, Stoltenberg, and all of the other U.S.-regime agents, who are leading their countries into increased debt and poverty in order that U.S. international corporations such as Lockheed Martin and ExxonMobil will continue to thrive.

When the U.S. regime blew up the Nord Stream pipelines that were bringing into Europe cheap pipelined gas and oil from Russia so that far costlier LNG compressed canned shipped across the Atlantic American gas, and oil, would replace it, and when the U.S. regime sanctioned Russia’s cheap gas and oil that had been keeping European-manufactured goods priced competitively on international markets, that was good for Europe, but America and its stooges ended it so that American billionaires would increase their corporations’ sales-volumes and profits.

destroying-europeWhy did NATO, on 7 January 2022, unanimously say no to Russia’s demand made on 17 December 2021 that “All member States of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization commit themselves to refrain from any further enlargement of NATO, including the accession of Ukraine as well as other States.”? The reason is that Ukraine has the nearest border to The Kremlin, only 317 miles or 5 minutes of missile-flying-time away from blitz-beheading Russia’s central command; and NATO — that is to say the U.S. regime — demanded that it must have the ability to do that: to checkmate and so conquer Russia. Russia had no desire nor intention to do such a thing to America, but America had that aggression-demand against Russia and imposed it upon all of the other NATO-member nations’ stooges and ‘news’-media.

NATO took up Hitler’s failed Operation Barbarossa campaign to grab Russia, and this blitz-attack from Ukraine against The Kremlin was to be its culmination. THAT is what the war in Ukraine is all about.

On 17 March 2024, I headlined “The Racist-Fascist-Imperialist — or ‘nazi’ —  Network That Enforces U.S. Foreign Policies” and linked to some of the abundant evidence that NATO is a rebirth of Hitlerism without his intense anti-Semiism. So: that article too constitutes part of the case that instead of bringing increased safety to the peoples of Europe, NATO causes the nations of Europe to become targeted by Russia’s nuclear missiles so that if there will be a war between the U.S. and Russia, then it will be waged over the battlefields and in the cities and countrysides within Europe.

America isn’t only destroying Europeans’ economies but it is enormously endangering the national security of all of the nations within Europe, making them the least-safe places to be.

As regards Ukraine, which the U.S. regime’s European stooges are so obsessed to bleed their taxpayers to arm or even to join the fighting against Russia, the war in Ukraine started in 2014, as both NATO’s Stoltenberg and Ukraine’s Zelensky have said. It was started in February 2014 by a U.S. coup which replaced the democratically elected and neutralist President with a U.S. selected and rabidly anti-Russian leader, who immediately imposed an ethnic-cleansing program to get rid of the residents in the regions that had voted overwhelmingly for the overthrown President. Russia responded militarily on 24 February 2022 in order to prevent Ukraine from allowing the U.S. to place a missile there a mere 317 miles or five minutes of missile-flying-time away from The Kremlin and thus too brief for Russia to respond before its central command would already be beheaded by America’s nuclear strike. (As I headlined on 28 October 2022, “NATO Wants To Place Nuclear Missiles On Finland’s Russian Border — Finland Says Yes”. The U.S. had demanded this, especially because it will place American nuclear missiles far nearer to The Kremlin than at present, only 507 miles away — not as close as Ukraine, but the closest yet.) So: that is America’s war against Russia, and not Russia’s war against Ukraine — but America’s European stooges pretend that it is Russia’s war against Ukraine and against NATO itself, as-if it started in February 2022 instead of in February 2014.

The colonies should promptly end their colonial status and welcome into Europe what is, in terms of land-area, and of population, and of GDP PPP, in Russia’s European portion alone, the largest of all European nations, and should recognize that the great enemy of all of them is the U.S. Government, NOT Russia (which the U.S. regime is trying to conquer).

By switching its allegiance then away from the dictators in Washington DC, NYC, and Silicon Valley, and instead to the residents in Europe, Europe’s coming crash will be avoided, and instead Europe will thrive like it hasn’t thrived ever since at least 1998.

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