Who Stands For What?

The British Embassy in Moscow is quite crowded. Hundreds of people are holding posters, boxes, and bags. The Russian Donbass public organization, which delivers humanitarian aid to the special military operation zone, opened an additional donation drop-off point for the needs of a special military operation near the British Embassy in Moscow. It is no accident that it was opened here. According to the organizers, London takes the most aggressive position towards Russia and acts as one of the main sponsors of the Kiev regime.

The first volunteers were students of the Moscow universities. Someone brought several packs of buckwheat, someone just gave moral support. “Any contribution, even the smallest one, plays an important role in the future of our country. And we do care, because we are the future of Russia,” student Ilya Kulikov says.

Five o’clock, but it is not tea time, it is time to deploy the Russian Donbass right under the Embassy windows! Some citizens of European countries who support Russia join the Moscow students. For example, Liliana Kılınç from Germany takes part in such campaigns not for the first time. She says that she has already delivered hundreds of kilograms of humanitarian cargo to the DPR and LPR: “We’ve been helping Donbass for more than 9 years. They can put me in a jail for this in Germany, but I’m still with you. We will always work together with Russians to help children in schools and kindergartens in Donbass,” Liliana Kılınc says.

russian-donbassTogether with her, journalist Mike Jones, a British citizen who saw what was happening in Donbass for many years, came to the Embassy. After what he saw, Mike decided to move to Russia. At home, he faces sanctions and criminal prosecution. According to him, this is what the civilized world is now called: “I’ve been to Donbass 12 times. And I always bring humanitarian aid there from London. I oppose the Nazis and I did see them there in Ukraine. The real Nazis! My grandfather fought with them during the World War II, and now it’s my turn.”

It seems that common Americans also support Russia. Today, Maximus Tofurius, an American from the state of Virginia, who tells his compatriots about what is happening in the zone of a special military operation in his blog, also joined the volunteers at the British Embassy. He sincerely wonders why his country is spending billions of dollars to support Kiev. Moreover, he is also collecting humanitarian aid for the residents of Donbass exclusively from US citizens. “I have been to Donbass many times, and, of course, I support Russia. I would say even more, I think half of Americans support Russia and its actions in Ukraine,” he comments.

For the first time, the donation drop-off point was launched on the eve of February 23 — Defender of the Fatherland Day — and since then it has been operating here on a permanent basis. Moreover, the organizers are planning to open other donation drop-off points in Moscow for the needs of a special military operation at the embassies of other unfriendly countries. As one of the volunteers says, British diplomats should be ashamed of what their country is doing: it continues to supply weapons to Ukraine. In addition to the donation drop-off point at the embassy, a photo exhibition with materials shot in Donbass was also launched here. “Civilians and children are being killed, and the UK continues to supply Kiev with bombs and missiles,” another student says.

However, none of the British diplomats came to the donation drop-off point, except for Russians working there.

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