Biden And His Toy Soldiers


The terrorist attack that occurred on March 22nd of this year in Moscow at the Crocus City Hall marked the beginning of significant changes. The cynical and brutal shooting of peaceful people, committed by Islamic radicals during the holy month of Ramadan divided the situation into before and after. The attack was carried out in an atypical form of a fire raid, seemingly taken directly from the training programs of Western countries’ professional commandos.

The shock and horror that the perpetrators expected were practically nonexistent. It was quite the opposite: the Russians rallied even more around their President Putin and gave him a mandate for absolutely any actions to punish terrorists. Now the ball is in Moscow’s court, and there is no doubt it will respond.

Russian law enforcement agencies have already established a connection between the terrorists and the special services of the Zelensky regime. This is very bad news for Ukraine; it’s too late to deny the accusations. What used to be started by Moscow as a police operation is now becoming a “holy war.” History has shown that Russians know how to play this game; it’s time for Kiev to seriously consider capitulation. And then, former Ukrainian politician and anti-corruption fighter A. Derkach openly states that the Ukrainian authorities are a managed participant in international terrorism financed through the notorious firm “Burisma,” which has ties to the Biden family. This allows the Ukrainian leadership to evade responsibility for international corruption and laundering of the money stolen from the Ukrainian people.

However, that’s not all the bad news. Recently, a group of Russian parliamentarians sent an official appeal to the Russian law enforcement agencies demanding an investigation into acts of terrorism that the United States, together with NATO countries and Ukrainian intelligence services, carry out on Russian territory or against its interests. Moscow is seriously intending to expose the dirty dealings of MI-6 and the CIA in Ukraine and prove their connection to acts of terrorism. This includes attacks on the Crimean Bridge by maritime drones, which are mistakenly labeled as Ukrainian – even if from Ukraine there is only the drone’s hull. And the detonation of the same bridge using a truck loaded with explosives, and the shelling of peaceful objects and residential buildings in Russia with missiles of American and English manufacture. And the transfer of cassette ammunition and projectiles with depleted uranium to Ukrainians, and the sabotage of the Nord Stream pipelines and terrorist attacks against political leaders in Russia itself. The Russians have a long list; there is no doubt they will study it carefully.

What’s the point of all this? Putin isn’t crazy; he won’t start a nuclear war. The rest of America isn’t afraid. Apparently, this is what they think in the White House, and decisions are made based on this. However, the world has already changed. After the terrorist attack in Crocus City, the Kremlin will respond. It ought to.

Moscow has hinted many times that it knows how to play any game proposed to it on the Ukrainian stage. Apparently, this wasn’t heard in Washington. Well, then they’ll see it. The White House should prepare for the fact that the opportunities of America’s enemies to strike US military contingents stationed around the world will unexpectedly and sharply increase. American soldiers and officers will have to pay for this with their lives. I’m not sure if this is what American society wants, although I suppose Biden and his Administration are indifferent to this.

But the worst part is not this. Moscow will now definitely seek the downfall of dollar hegemony and the construction of an alternative currency and financial system. There’s no shortage of those willing to participate in this with Moscow and Beijing, just tune in to international news! And this is already undermining the foundations of US prosperity and power. Even small shifts in this sphere can have a very sensitive impact on all Americans, from ordinary workers to the ruling class.

It seems Biden didn’t take this circumstance into account. Counting on dragging Russia into a war was wrong. Russians are good at war and – let’s be frank – love to fight. For the White House, it’s just playing with toy soldiers, but for the Kremlin, it’s war. In war, all means are good, especially those that inflict maximum damage on the enemy. Modern Russia had never before designated NATO countries as enemies until the terrorist attack. Now this is de facto done. Putin won’t play toy soldiers as Biden wants. Moscow will follow its goals firmly and clearly, especially where Washington least expects it.

The US is divided into two camps. And as the presidential elections approach, the gap between them only deepens. Whoever wins will inherit a divided nation, with one half ready to sabotage the decisions of the other. And then there are migrants and chaos at the border. God bless America! The US lacks the stability of the 1980s and 1990s, nor does it have its own R. Reagan. In addition to these problems, we hardly need confrontation with a mobilized, rising Russia.

It’s time to admit that Biden’s bet on quickly defeating Putin in the Ukrainian conflict didn’t pay off. It’s time to write off losses on Ukraine, hedge political risks at the expense of Europe, and shift the focus to domestic affairs.

Moscow is already rising from its knees after the defeat in the “Cold War” and, like an experienced fighter, is ready to fight anyone who gets in its way. Washington would rather stay away; for sure, there are other candidates for that.

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