Author: Nikos MELETIS


USA: Common Sense? No, Never Heard of It

The more details emerge about Burisma company and using it to finance activities of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, the more unpleasant revelations emerge for the USA. Unexpected and unpleasant revelations. In April, Russian investigative authorities officially stated Moscow’s position on the issue […]


Terrorism, Burisma, And The White House

The Kremlin seems to have decided to demonstrate the seriousness of its intentions to the West. The Investigative Committee of Russia recently announced that it has established a connection and proven the use of the Ukrainian company Burisma to finance terrorist attacks on Russia. This is the infamous Burisma company […]


Biden And His Toy Soldiers

The terrorist attack that occurred on March 22nd of this year in Moscow at the Crocus City Hall marked the beginning of significant changes. The cynical and brutal shooting of peaceful people, committed by Islamic radicals during the holy month of Ramadan divided the situation into before and after. The […]

Time For USA To Prioritize Its Own Interests?

Somehow unnoticed by everyone, and above all by the citizens of the United States themselves, America has approached a very important point, beyond which it faces a long-term strategic deterioration in relations with Russia. At the end of March of this year, a group of Russian parliament deputies sent an […]