Terrorism, Burisma, And The White House

What Hunter Biden did on the board of Ukrainian energy company Burisma.

The Kremlin seems to have decided to demonstrate the seriousness of its intentions to the West. The Investigative Committee of Russia recently announced that it has established a connection and proven the use of the Ukrainian company Burisma to finance terrorist attacks on Russia. This is the infamous Burisma company which is directly linked to the corruption scandal surrounding US President J. Biden, his son Hunter, and his circle.

You might wonder, what does Burisma have to do with terrorism? Corruption – yes, illegal influence peddling – yes, illegal enrichment – yes, tax evasion – yes, but terrorism? At first glance, it seems to be too much, but Russian logic is as simple and effective as an AK-47.

Large sums of money were transferred through the Burisma company to the benefit of Ukrainian military intelligence units. This was openly stated by former Ukrainian politician and corruption fighter A. Derkach in an interview with Simone Mandjante earlier this year. This refers to $6 million in cash transferred by Americans to Ukrainian authorities to close the Kyiv anti-corruption investigation into the Burisma case, essentially against Biden and his family. In April 2022 – with the consent of a representative of the Burisma company- the Ukrainian court ruled to credit this amount to the account of a military unit of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine. So, the Ukrainian military intelligence turns out to be the ultimate recipient and beneficiary!

And the Russians seem to have evidence of this transaction, which significantly changes the situation. Ukrainian military intelligence leaders have repeatedly admitted their involvement in terrorist attacks on Russian territory. The connection is direct and the evidence is clear. End of story.

I don’t believe Russians at this stage tend to directly link Burisma money and subsequent terrorist acts. More likely, they understand perfectly well that it was just a bribe. By transferring the money to the account of a military unit of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine, the White House is a victim of Kyiv’s frame-up. But now there’s nothing to be done about it. Complaining or regretting it is not worth it; the Ukrainian authorities have rarely resisted the temptation to frame-up their partners. Look at how they are trying to blackmail top politicians in the US and its allies with their possible defeat in the war against Russia!

The Russians have constructed a simple and straightforward narrative: there was money, this money came from Americans to close the Burisma case, the money ended up in the account of the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine, and the Main Directorate of Intelligence carried out terrorist attacks. This is indeed called direct financing of terrorism. It’s hard to argue with that, although it can be denied for political reasons.

Now I would like to hear something meaningful from the White House on this matter. But Washington keeps a poker face and seems to be traditionally attributing everything to Russian propaganda. It’s foolish and unprofessional, but what else can you expect from the Biden administration.

It is sad because the main point remains behind the scenes. By announcing such a verdict of its investigative bodies, the Kremlin makes it clear to the White House that it is ready to raise the stakes. The Kremlin seems to once again call for serious behind-the-scenes negotiations.

Putin clearly holds major cards, but he hasn’t played them yet. Like an experienced player, he only hints that he has the capabilities to deliver sharp and painful blows to the White House, the image of the USA, and their allies. If they are played out, the question arises: how can one even negotiate with Washington about strategic or economic stability in the world if Washington itself sponsors terrorism! This is a strong argument. It opens the door to a revision of the entire system of global military-political balances and counterbalances, ousting the USA from their current leading positions.

I’m sure Moscow has several cards up its sleeve. They will definitely play them because Moscow hasn’t yet retaliated for disrupting the Nord Stream projects. Meanwhile, American soldiers are killed and buried again; just look at the fresh graves in Arlington Cemetery.

But to be frank, the Kremlin is still hesitating. It is waiting for the reactions of White House to its signals. The Russians have something to hope for. Recently, US Secretary of Defense L. Austin has publicly “advised” Ukraine to stop strikes on the Russian oil refining infrastructure, otherwise, it would create additional risks to international energy stability. Why would the American Secretary of Defense be concerned about Russian oil refineries? Clearly, Moscow’s statements are listened to and taken seriously in Washington.

Putin is playing a serious and large-scale game. Russia is winning in Ukraine and ruining the image of NATO and the West. Two years of war made Moscow stronger economically, politically, and militarily. Global destabilization is not in its interest right now. The Kremlin is still ready to negotiate. For now.

It would be better for all of us if the White House finally heard this and sat down at the negotiating table. It is time for the West to end its failed adventure in Ukraine; otherwise, it risks not only losing its leadership but also being classified as sponsors of terrorism, with all the resulting negative consequences. None of us will escape the consequences.

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