Biden Failed To Answer Questions On The Hill

Biden declines invitation to testify in GOP impeachment inquiry.

On April 16th, Tuesday, America missed its chance to become great again. And it’s not about the catchy slogans actively promoted by Donald Trump and his advisors. All the US attempts to regain power are pointless. The United States has lost its leadership in the world; it has lost the moral authority to lecture other nations on democracy and the rule of law.

Yesterday, President Joe Biden officially refused to appear before the members of the Committee on Oversight and Accountability of the US House of Representatives and provide explanations regarding suspicions of corruption. It was a quite expected turn of events, one might say. However, the leader of one of the strongest democracies was expected to live up to his status and find the strength to defend himself against the attacks of Republicans.

The last person who managed to conduct themselves with dignity was Bill Clinton. Despite the political ambiguity of the 1998 investigation into his affair with Monica Lewinsky, his testimony was undoubtedly an act of personal courage. Many of his critics respected him for not hesitating to answer for his, let’s say, unsightly affairs before the American people.

But Joseph Robinette Biden, as it turns out, is far from being William Jefferson Clinton, though he tries to smile in a similar manner. But a smile alone isn’t enough here. Here you should have enough guts. It’s astonishing; less than thirty years have passed, and America no longer has a president capable of demonstrating the global leadership that the US itself constantly professes.

Let’s give the floor to the Chairman of the Oversight Committee, J. Comer: “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in the Biden family. Like his son, Hunter Biden, President Biden is refusing to testify in public about the Biden’s corrupt influence pending. This comes as no surprise since President Biden continues to lie about his relationships with son’s business partners, even denying they exist when his son said under oath during a deposition that they did. It is unfortunate President Biden is unwilling to answer questions before the American people and refuses to answer the very simple, straightforward questions we included in the invitation. Why is it so difficult for the White House to answer those questions? The American people deserve transparency from President Biden, not more lies.”

Well said, all clear and concise. Indeed, President Biden is not President Clinton. At best, he’s a schoolboy who still needs to learn a lot before venturing into high politics. But unfortunately, he’s run out of time for that.

The Oversight Committee, together with the U.S. Treasury, has found that companies related to members of the American president’s family have received at least $15 million from legal entities and various countries, including China, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan. Significant sums have also been deposited into the personal account of the head of the White House.

Biden is reported to have had personal contacts with the CEO of the Chinese Bohai Industrial Fund, Johnatan Lee, and the president of the China Energy Fund Committee, Ye Jianmin. Subsequently, members of the US president’s family received several million dollars. For what services?

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. One can have a look at the list of corrupt actions by Biden and his circle, prepared by the House Oversight Committee and posted on its website. The list includes about 30 criminal episodes: involving the Chinese, Ukrainians (Burisma Holdings – the Biden family’s nightmare), Russians (how could we manage without them?), and Kazakhs (is Borat back?).  It seems like the House Oversight Committee is just getting started! Is it possible that Biden sees his job that way? Nobody knows, since James Comer hasn’t been able to ask him that question.

But honestly, all of this is quite sad. It’s sad to realize that the leader of the world’s strongest country doesn’t understand the consequences of his actions. Let’s leave aside the corruption schemes. What’s more important is that America lost its credibility.

The President of the United States being accused of corruption by his own Congress is very serious. By refusing to address this issue, Biden gives Comer and the Republicans grounds to declare to the whole world that America is represented by a corrupt leader who doesn’t respect his own citizens and doesn’t acknowledge the rule of law. And that’s exactly what they’re doing! This inflicts huge damage on the US institution of the presidency and the country’s image abroad.

The Republicans are fighting for power and will use any means to achieve it. As president, Biden bears full responsibility for what is happening. As the leader of the nation, he should have sacrificed his personal interests and literally saved America. Just as Clinton did back in the day. Clinton took all the political damage upon himself, but in the end, he remained an outstanding politician in the history of the Democratic Party of the United States. But Biden is not Clinton.

The most unpleasant thing for Americans is that the whole world knows this. The United States will now face more challenges. Washington can no longer demand adherence to democracy and the rule of law from others as before. The President of the United States himself is corrupt. America is losing its moral authority to teach others. And a new leader of the United States, including Trump, is unlikely to change the situation for the better.

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