‘Democracy’ Versus ‘Dictatorship’: What’s The Difference?


A democracy is a majority-rule Government: It represents (is controlled by) at least 50% of the inhabitants.

A dictatorship doesn’t. The smaller a percentage of its residents who control it, the more of a dictatorship it is.

A one-person dictatorship is like Hitler’s Germany, Stalin’s Soviet Union, and King Saud’s Saudi Arabia, but also like (though to a slighly lesser extent than) Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, and Norway, all of whose Constitutions provide their hereditary monarch the right to appoint and fire all ministers, and a veto over, as well as participation in the drafting of, the laws from the Legislature (so, those nations are dictatorships even in their Constitutions, and consequently cannot be democracies, not even in the formal Constitutional sense of that term).

A country that lacks a written and published Constitution, such as UK and Israel, is entirely ruled from behind-the-scenes, because even its Basic Law (much less the interpretation of any derivative laws from — i.e., that are in accord with — that document) is always at the whim of the individuals who presently are in power; and, so, any elections, there, are, effectively, bogus, and purely for PR purposes, so that those few authentically powerful individuals, whomever they might happen to be (which are normally the extremely wealthiest ones), can, effectively, in their ‘news’-media and Governmental pronouncements, proclaim themselves to be a ‘democracy’ and be believed by their followers to be that (since all of the propaganda says that their Government is a democracy). Since this is informal rule by an extreme minority of the population, who claim to represent the majority, but all of whom stand actually above the laws, since they, as a class, actually (through their lobbyists etc.) write the laws, they not only hold absolute power, but they do so on the basis of constant lying; and, so, they ruly by deceit, and, consequently, no country that lacks a written Constitution can be anything but an actual dictatorship.

Consequently: only a country that has a written published Constitution can even possibly be an authentic democracy.

The United States of America has a written published Constitution that is arguably democratic to some extent; however, since America is the world’s leading nation, rigorous scientific analyses have been done in order to determine whether or the extent to which it is a democracy, and all of these published scientific analyses have found that it definitely is not, but is instead actually ruled from behind the scenes by the wealthiest 1% of the wealthiest 1% of Americans — the wealthiest ten-thousandth of Americans — the few people who donate 57.16% of all of the money that funds U.S. political campaigns. The “Top 400 Donors” (all of whom are multi-billionaires, not merely billionaires) donate 29.86%, or virtually 30%, of all political money, in the U.S. Only billionaires (and an occasional mere centi-millionaire) who are among the ten largest donors to U.S. politics in a Presidential-election year, have any real impact in determining whom America’s next President will be. Only those ten ultra-rich Americans do. And, from one Presidential ‘election’ to the next, many of those ten people will be the same both times. It’s much more of a selection by the top ten political donors (a s’election’ by them) than it is any election by the nation’s public.  All of the other 335 million Americans are their subjects, not any country’s “citizens” (except, perhaps, on passports, etc.). But America isn’t a kingdom; it’s an aristocracy. (Of course, some kingdoms are representing their aristocracy and/or their theocracy, but, in any case, America is an aristocracy.)

Two prior studies, one in 2016, and the first one in 2014, had already demonstrated that, as I headlined about both of them in 2018, “America Is One-Dollar-One-Vote, Not Really One-Person-One Vote.” The breakthrough first study, in 2014, was brilliantly summarized and explained in a 6-minute video here. So: anyone who says that America’s Government is better than other Governments because it is a democracy is either a fool or else a liar. This myth has, by now, become buried so deep that only a second American revolution might be able to resurrect it to some sort of reality again.

As I reported in my 8 October 2023 “Why RFK Jr. Will Announce on Monday He’ll Run as an Independent”, I noted that the Peoples Party had explained on 28 September 2023 that the Democratic National Committee (DNC) is a self-selecting group of billionaires and their lobbyists and politicians who together own the private self-selecting membership corporation (private club) of that name, and this membership corporation chooses the Party’s nominees — no voters in primaries and caucuses or otherwise actually do, but those political events are merely for show, political propaganda, in order to fool those voters to do what the mega-donors to that Party want them to do (vote for those billionaires’ favorites) — and the same is true of the RNC (Republican National Committee) and of America’s minor Parties; and this institutionalized political corruption in the United States was the reason why RFK Jr. had just decided to quit trying to win the DNC’s nomination to be on America’s upcoming November 5th Presidential ballots: the DNC had already chosen Biden, no matter what its voters want. America’s billionaires own not only the major Parties but the major media; and they also own the nation’s military contractors, the firms whose income is derived from selling not to consumers but to the U.S. Government and its colonies (‘allies’). This is where the big money is, and since at least 1945, has been made for the big-money people. (America’s Founders had no idea of it; so, they weren’t able to write the Constitution in a way that would have prevented it from occurring — they never even imagined it. Nobody could have.)

In other words: despite whatever the intent was or might have been by the authors of the U.S. Constitution and of its Amendments — which was probably overall a sincerely democratic intent — America is actually ruled by two clubs (the DNC and the RNC) both of whose members have won their memberships by serving the interests of the very few individuals who have been providing over 50% of their Party’s campaign-money; and, so, the U.S. Government serves only those few super-rich, some of whom are Democrats, and some of whom are Republicans, but others of whom are neither, but instead pick on an a-la-carte basis, from the nominees put up by both of those billionaires-serving political clubs. The fact that the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are legally set up so that they have no legal obligation to their voters — much less to the entire ‘electorate’ — has been virtually hidden from the U.S. public for centuries, now, shows the extent to which this Government is fraudulent.

Billionaires also control the ‘news’-media. This control is done in three main ways: outright ownership, shared ownership along with other billionaires, and their ownership of the advertisers (the companies advertising) who, in turn (via their ads), fund the media. So, it’s very easy to strangulate any ‘news’-medium that would employ advocates or supporters of authentic democracy — which apparently no billionaire wants.

This is the reason why wealth-inequality in America has been soaring ever since around 1980. Furthermore, whereas the richest hundredth of 1% (1 in 10,000) own 10% of the wealth, they pay only 5% of the taxes, and that’s because they hire (by funding the political campaigns of) the public officials who write the laws. Also, they own 54% of the corporate stock, and the tax-laws favor that asset way more than any other type of property (and favor capital gains over wage-derived income). In other words: the U.S. Government is extremely corrupt — corrupted by them.

And, yet, this is the very same Government that pontificates to the rest of the world’s Governments and says “we” are democracies and “you” are autocracies (and so need to be regime-changed). Furthermore, the U.S., and its colonies (‘allies’), have low job-approval ratings from their populations, and the countries they target as being ‘autocracies’ have high job-approval ratings from their populations.

What America’s behind-the-scenes rulers really can’t stand is that for at least 25 years now, their country has been going down in the international rankings and China and Russia have been going up in the international rankings. This infuriates those people even more, and drives them closer and closer to bringing the U.S. empire to open war, even nuclear war, to conquer those countries (so as to remain the world’s most powerful country). Like Hitler, they want to control the entire planet, and the question now is whether they will go all the way to a Third World War in order to try to achieve that goal (which requires the U.S. to remain the world’s most powerful country).

Anyway, ever since 1991, U.S. armaments-makers have way outperformed all other corporate stocks; and so billionaires also have that as a reason to keep the endless wars going. They benefit greatly from this being a one-dollar-one-vote country instead of a one-person-one-vote country. For them, more than for anybody else, politics is crucial to their business, even though they’re not politicians themselves. They just want to continue that the laws are written and enforced for themselves, not for the public. It’s good business for them, that this be continued, regardless of which Party will dominate the Government.

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